App UX

Deliver a continuous brand experience, from campaign to product, without added coding or app store resubmissions.

Every engagement tailored

Manage every aspect of the app UX. Mobile teams can personalize elements such as product content, in-app loyalty tiers, icons, images, or even product features. Customize each based on demographic or behavioral data and then deploy quickly, without added code.

Create experiences not code

Why Spent trusts Leanplum

“We chose Leanplum over competitive vendors because they have a best-in-class mobile product. With Leanplum’s integrated solution, we can scale to millions of users in a short span of time by managing both messaging and the in-app experience in one.” — Erno Tauriainen, CEO & Founder of Spent

App UX in action

Leverage user behavior to deliver tailored content. For example, a music app might highlight a new song by a user’s favorite artist to increase app stickiness.

Deliver contextual in-app content based on where users are. For example, at a sporting event, a team app might present a seat upgrade incentive or nearby food options.

Make mobile transactions easier by eliminating cumbersome promo codes. For example, a retail app might send a push notification with a discount that is automatically applied at checkout.

Increase your active users by testing new approaches to onboarding. Any app can determine the optimal number of setup steps and how to move users through key milestones to increase user retention.

Key features

Rapid iteration

without app store resubmissions

Content management

without added engineering resources


to quickly modify logic within the app

A/B testing

to maximize impact

App personalization

based on user behavior and attributes

Immersive experience

aligned with mobile messaging

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