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We help our partners and their clients achieve great things with mobile. Enable your clients to transform their mobile business with our joint solutions.

Partner advantages

Leading technology

Enhance your mobile capabilities with a single platform that coordinates messaging campaigns and optimizes the app experience.

Thought leadership

Together, we can help apps fuel more growth, engagement, and long-term retention by surfacing cutting-edge mobile marketing knowledge.

Support at every step

From integration to client strategies, our global team of marketing, sales, and technical experts are dedicated to clients’ success and yours.

Joint marketing

Team up with us to produce content or host events, and get access to a library of content, from case studies to reports, that drive results.

Our partners

Integrated technology partners seamlessly integrate with us to extend the power of both products to joint customers. Mobile strategy partners deliver customer solutions and fulfillment through consulting, sales, and technical services for our products.

What our partners are saying about us

"App marketers today want to retain quality users while providing a better experience — not just within their app but also in campaigns outside of their app. Partnering with Leanplum strengthens InMobi's intelligent retargeting with an advanced mobile engagement solution across channels like push, email, and in-app experience." — Raymund Bautista, Head of Strategic Partnerships at InMobi
"Our partnership with Leanplum gives clients the tools they need to interact with their customers at every stage of the user journey." — Reggie Singh, Director of Partnerships at Adjust
"Our relationship with Leanplum expands our ability to service the complete stack for our partners by providing leading solutions to mobile engagement challenges." — Al Harnisch, Director of Strategy at Prolific Interactive
"As the mobile partner to the Arcadia Group, we excel at finding new ways to improve their customer engagement. Leanplum fits the bill perfectly, delivering real ROI back to their business while keeping integration and management simple and streamlined." — Dan Hartveld, CTO at Red Ant
“We work with Leanplum to increase our clients’ mobile campaign ROI. Our team loves the platform’s simplicity & efficiency. Compared to other solutions on the market, it helps us work 5 times faster. All of our clients are happy and that’s what really matters to us!” — Romain Escaich, Head of Sales at Mozoo
"A connected marketing stack is core to delivering personalized experiences and meeting the expectations of today's consumer. Our integration with Leanplum enables businesses to break down silo's and increase personalization and relevancy throughout the entire customer lifecycle." — Adam Biehler, Head of Partnerships at mParticle
“The AppsFlyer <> Leanplum partnership and integration provides a cohesive, end-to-end solution for today’s leading mobile marketers. Smart marketers are actively improving their engagement, retention, loyalty, and revenues by syncing their AppsFlyer attribution and analytics with Leanplum’s push, email, and in-app experience optimization to deliver a seamless, optimized customer journey.” — Ben Roodman, Director of Partner Development, North America

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