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The Complete Growth Platform for Subscription Apps

The only solution that combines Lifecycle Marketing and Product A/B Testing to personalize the entire mobile app journey.

Break down organizational silos and eliminate point solutions to enable rapid growth.


Top Subscription Apps Personalize the User Journey with Leanplum

The complete platform to drive growth

  • Optimize Retention and Monetization of your Subscription app
  • Modern Data-Led Marketers need access to all your data in real-time
  • Audience segmentation at scale to understand and execute against nuanced behaviors and personalization opportunities to increase engagement, conversion, and retention in your app
  • Personalize all touchpoints of the customer journey – both messaging channels and product experience in the app – to achieve a cohesive user experience and optimal ROI
  • Easily Test everything so you have 100% confidence you are making the right decisions

Subscription Data Science Report - Sneak Peek

We looked into the data of our Subscription App customers and we found a massive benefit associated with behavioural personalization in engagement that drives conversions.

  • Campaigns with behavioural triggered content personalization out-perform campaigns with basic personalization by 7X
  • Subscription App Companies with more sophisticated personalization in their campaigns out-perform companies with less personalization.
  • Highest engagement is associated with real time -personalization of the In-App experience and In-App content
  • Subscription App companies where growth marketers work closely with App product developers are more likely to unlock massive increases in engagement, conversion and revenue
  • Growth and monetization are increasingly associated with live in-app changes and engagement based on user behavior within the app session or within prior app sessions

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Multi-Channel Platform for Mobile Apps

  • Native support for Mobile Push, In-App, Inbox, App Experience and Mobile A/B testing
  • Email capabilities out-of-the-box, SMS through a seamless partner integration
  • Complementary Web channels for your Subscription Web App (Web Push, Web Pop-ups, Web Inbox)
  • Integrated well in a typical Mobile MarTech stack including CDPs, Data Warehouses, Predictive Analytics

Unleash the Potential of Advanced Behavioral Targeting

  • Get up to 120% increase in conversions with our Behavioral Targeting compared to Demographic Segmentation
  • Drag & drop audience builder to create powerful behavioral segmentation with aggregations
  • New ideas rolled out without engineering – no more writing SQL to get to the right segment
  • Obtain deep insights as you are building your audiences to understand their composition and prevent mistakes.

Next level of Operational Efficiency in Personalizing Messages & Product Experience

  • Up to 6x more conversions by delivering relevant and coordinated triggered campaigns across in-app, app inbox, push notifications, email, and changes in product experience, compared with the standard calendar-driven messages
  • Drive higher retention rates by guiding your users to the “Aha” moments that matter most in creating habitual engagement with your app
  • Real-time in-app messaging composed without engineering help
  • Prevent churn by controlling your messaging through Message Caps, Real-time prioritization and Optimal Time delivery, combined with Uninstall tracking

A/B Test Pricing, Discounts and New Features

  • Easily A/B Test everywhere: across Onboarding, Re-Engagement, Upgrade nudges, Promos; so you know what really works and you deliver more revenue – faster
  • Experiment with your paywalls to define the best line between paid and free content
  • Execute premium upgrade offers to users exactly when they might need a paid feature based on behaviour and context
  • Discount optimization synchronized between messaging and upgrade screens
  • Analyze the downstream impact of tests on hundreds of metrics retroactively and review automatically surfaced most significant changes in KPI, no data scientist needed

Leanplum + You

Leanplum offers everything you need to grow your Subscription App – whether you are a Growth Manager, CRM Marketer, a Product Manager or a Software Developer. 

The Leanplum Difference

  • Flexible data import and export options
  • Powerful Recency & Frequency segmentation
  • Fully integrated analytics & A/B testing
  • Top-rated usability

How RoboKiller doubled its trial conversion rate
with Leanplum’s AB testing platform

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How TextNow uses Leanplum to onboard new users

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We used to work with a complicated system of point solutions for A/B testing, Analytics and Lifecycle Marketing. The integration process alone took two quarters. However, the real challenge was maintaining and keeping real-time data in sync post-integration. For SmallPDF, we picked Leanplum because it has all three out of the box. This helped us to get value rapidly and freed our engineers to work on new features instead of dealing with ongoing maintenance issues.

Mike Pilawski,
CPO of SmallPDF

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