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We know that a 10% improvement in trial or subscriber retention rates can have a larger impact on business than a 10% conversion lift in new user acquisition funnel. Leanplum has helped us identify and finetune parameters around retention to drive results.

Giuila Porter,
VP of Marketing, Teltech.co

Situation Analysis

Teltech turned to Leanplum in 2017 looking for a solution to inform the company on the entire customer journey for RoboKiller— everything from user acquisition, to which customers were in what tests and how they were performing. Prior to Leanplum, Teltech was relying on a solution that didn’t integrate well with its customer data and didn’t provide complete visibility into the customer journey.

Customer behavior analysis was very important — understanding what features RoboKiller customers were using to keep engaged and what caused them to churn so the company could implement the appropriate push campaigns and product optimization. What really won Teltech over to Leanplum was its powerful AB testing capabilities that fit so well with Teltech’s growth initiatives and optimization goals. The integration between CRM and Leanplum’s AB testing platform was also really attractive.


When Teltech first started with Leanplum, its main focus was on testing within the new user acquisition funnel to optimize the maximum number of new customers RoboKiller was acquiring each month. Leanplum’s variables tool allowed Teltech to implement and start this initiative quickly because it enabled the company to properly plan and manage its testing queue and abilities without reliance on app updates.

Equipped with this knowledge, the company has started reactivation campaigns with push and now progressing to email. 

In the last year, RoboKiller has focused more on monetization and paywall testing, eventually, moving to retention metrics, including understanding customer behavior data during the 7-day free trial offers, and of course, aiming for subscriber retention thereafter.

As TelTech’s testing focus in the upper-funnel begins to mature, the business has diversified its focus on optimizations in other areas of the product experience. Specifically, TelTech has moved to using Leanplum to better understand how its customers are using its products. The goal in this focus is to use this data to implement product and marketing improvements that will increase retention and bottom-line revenue.  As a result of these efforts, Teltech has been able to drive material wins in retention for RoboKiller customers, which ultimately have improved LTV and revenue.


Reactivations and Winbacks

Something interesting that Teltech has noticed is that often when people cancel RoboKiller, they don’t delete it from their phones (around 30% of its users on iOS do this in a given month). The company has been targeting those users with discounts to encourage them to become subscribers again. RoboKiller gets about 30,000 cancels a month across its app portfolio. Even if it converts 2% of those, that’s a huge win for the company.

Additional Use Cases

Another important use case with Leanplum is measuring how users interact with RoboKiller, and how the app performs. For example, Teltech has used Leanplum to measure: which RoboKiller features users engage with the most (and how that ties back to retention), how users proceed through onboarding and where they encounter friction, and how its core product systems are working (using analytics for debugging). 


Overall, Leanplum has been a game-changer for Teltech’s Product and Marketing teams because it has given them insight into all aspects of RoboKiller’suser experience that are driving positive business outcomes. Without this insight, Teltech’s Growth teams would be flying blind and guessing at many different efforts to drive optimizations. 

Teltech also just moved to Google Cloud and is excited to build the data integration between Google Cloud and Leanplum. This will allow the company (in Q3) to do more product personalization with Leanplum, sending more personalized messages and smart suggestions to its customer base. 

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