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What is A/B testing?

A/B testing is a research idea that’s being put to good use by brands all over the world. The testing itself is relatively simple. It proposes a pair of options, and puts them to select audiences for a specific period of time.

Once the predetermined period has ended, the results of the test are ready to be examined. Teams can analyse the performance of the two options, making direct comparisons between the two. They can then start to learn about their customers’ preferences.

A/B testing can be conducted on a wide range of different marketing ideas. Typical A/B tests range from very subtle tweaks to colours or imagery, to decisive shifts in the ways in which brands communicate.

The best A/B tests run over a prolonged period of time and take into account a range of different target audiences to ensure the accuracy of their findings.

What are the benefits of A/B testing?

A/B testing is enormously beneficial to brands, because it helps them to get to know their customers. By A/B testing, brands stand to learn huge amounts about their customers’ preferences, and gain far better visibility on the successes of particular interaction ideas.

The practise of A/B testing provides brands with invaluable opportunities to gather important data. This data can then be used to tailor interactions in line with what brands already know about their customers. In doing so, brands can quickly improve the experience customers have of their business, and take steps to personalise experiences to different demographics.

There are other benefits to A/B testing to consider, too. Just think about the cost savings that can be made when interactions are made more targeted, and designed to appeal specifically to the audiences a brand hopes to attract.

The return on investment of different campaigns stands to benefit when they are fully tested before launch. Campaign performance metrics will invariably improve as brands learn more about what their customers want to see – and how they want to see it.

Mobile App & Website UI

Test different variations of your mobile app to maximise the potential of your user interface.

With mobile A/B testing, versions of the UI can be shown to particular demographics, to determine the options that work best. A full range of metrics can then be used to measure how users interact with a range of different UI options, with information available to analyse in real time.

Understand how users interact with your interface and tweak the experience to boost viewing times, click through rates, engagement and conversions. Mobile A/B testing will reveal how your planned changes will be received by visitors, and what you can change to make the experience better.

Testing Message Content

Messaging is a vital part of any marketing campaign, so get those messages right. With A/B testing, brands can try out different messaging ideas, adapting both the words being used and the tone of their messages until both hit the right notes.

Use A/B testing to trial distinct tones and styles to see which ones appeal to your target demographics. Try out different message lengths and experiment until you fully understand the type of messages that your customers appreciate the most. Make every interaction count by harnessing the power of mobile A/B testing.

Message Timing

Getting your message content right is one thing. But all your hard work could soon go to waste if you send your messages out at the wrong time. Make sure your carefully crafted messages are seen by hitting send at the times your audiences are most likely to sit up and take notice.

The best times to send messages range from industry to industry, and different demographics will interact more at different times of day. So testing is crucial. Use mobile A/B testing to trial your own messages and see what works for your target audience.

Keep testing and soon you’ll see trends in engagement that shine a light on the best possible times for your campaign interactions.

Channel Preference

A multichannel approach holds enormous opportunities for business in all sectors, but understanding the appeal of different channels, and how best to use them, is crucial.

Make use of A/B testing technology to try out a range of messaging styles on your chosen channels, and see what you can learn from the analytics these tests reveal.

Use mobile A/B testing to better understand which audiences prefer which channels. Try out different promotions on pairs of channels using A/B testing, to better understand how conversions will vary across platforms.

The resulting information will show you which channels are preferred by your target audiences, and where you should be spending your time and money to ensure the best possible return on every investment.

“In order to serve shoppers better, we need to understand and measure whether customers find changes we make to our products helpful. …Leanplum has given us this ability to see how customers respond to small and large changes to our apps. The platform’s ease of use, coupled with some excellent support from the Leanplum team, has helped us to increase our rate of A/B testing and has enhanced our learning of customer behavior on apps.”

Lee Mullins,
Optimization Manager at Tesco UK

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