Easily A/B Test to Validate What Works and What Doesn't

Market-leading native testing capabilities to test messaging, as well as mobile app and website UI

A/B Testing capabilities include:

  • In-flight performance visibility
  • Flexible filtering and grouping of test results
  • Customizable confidence intervals to determine statistical significance and reduce false positives
  • Automated discovery of Significant Changes to reduce blind spots in test impact

Mobile App & Website UI

No-code testing for both mobile app and website UI elements

Testing Message Content

Through A/B testing you can figure out which messages resonate

Message Timing

Experiment with when to best send out messages

Channel Preference

Test and validate messaging channel performance

“In order to serve shoppers better, we need to understand and measure whether customers find changes we make to our products helpful. …Leanplum has given us this ability to see how customers respond to small and large changes to our apps. The platform’s ease of use, coupled with some excellent support from the Leanplum team, has helped us to increase our rate of A/B testing and has enhanced our learning of customer behavior on apps.”

Lee Mullins,
Optimization Manager at Tesco UK

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