Mobile Marketing Solutions
for Higher App ROI

Mobile Is at the Center of Every Customer’s Life.

The Platform

Success on mobile goes beyond app downloads. True growth requires engaging users to keep them coming back. Too often, the solutions app managers need to create positive app experiences and manage customer relationships are fragmented across multiple tools. Now that mobile is so essential to our lives, providing value requires an integrated effort.

Built on a foundation of A/B Testing and Analytics, Leanplum delivers a deep customer understanding. Above and beyond that, we give you the capabilities to act on this intelligence within a single, complete platform.

Explore our full offering below to maximize your app engagement and ROI.

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Deliver messages across multiple channels and increase relevancy by coordinating with in-app content.

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Respond to in-app activities at scale during every stage of the customer journey.

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App Editor

Take full control of your app experience without developer resources or App Store resubmissions.

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Unlock the power of mobile with context and personalization enabled by a rich user profile.

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A/B Testing

Test everything, in and out of your app, from mobile messaging to UI content.

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Collect a real-time understanding of user activity with insights designed to drive marketing action.

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