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Full Player Management Platform for Mobile Games

The only solution that combines Lifecycle Marketing & LiveOps promotions with the ability to control the live events & sales via Remote Configuration, built on a powerful foundation of realtime data & A/B testing

Top Gaming Studios Personalize the Player Journey with Leanplum

Leanplum Empowers Gaming Studios

Deliver holistic, personalized player experiences in and outside the game

  • Leanplum is the only solution on the market that allows you to personalize CRM messaging and remote config together.
  • Built on a common foundation of segmentation and testing.

Improve operational efficiency with top rated usability and reduced dependency on technical teams

  • Unlock easy access to your data in realtime with our plug & play options for backends and data pipelines and full support for Unity Native (no SDK wrappers)
  • Use our drag & drop audience builder to create powerful  behavioral segmentation without writing SQL
  • Create multi-channel journeys with branching and conditional logic
  • Be more productive and agile and run more campaigns/tests, which means increased revenue & retention

Seamlessly test and quickly understand what works and what doesn’t

  • Industry-leading A/B testing allows you to learn and iterate faster
  • Run good tests using statistical confidence without a PhD in math
  • Analyze the downstream impact of tests on hundreds of metrics retroactively and review automatically surfaced most significant changes in KPIs

Leanplum + You

We are committed to your success. We ensure you run highly effective campaigns that result in better player engagement and retention, and improved ROI.

Using Leanplum to Run LiveOps Events on a Shoestring Budget

To keep players returning to your gaming app, you’ve got to hold events that thrill and delight them. On the Pocket Gamer podcast, Larry Hsieh of MobilityWare shares tips on running liveops events with only a two-person team and limited resources, and yet achieving incredible engagement and retention from players.

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Learn how GameDuell Re-Engaged Dormant Users and Increased Player Opt-in from 20-30%.

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Learn how IMVU increased retention by 157%, and doubled ARPU.

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Learn how MobilityWare was able to see a 5% increase in DAU and returning Users.

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Data Science Report: Increase Revenue from LiveOps and Lifecycle Marketing by 3X via Personalization

  • Industry’s first revenue attribution analysis for CRM & LiveOps in Mobile Gaming
  • Analyzed 1,800 campaigns and 670M messages across push notifications, in-app messages, and email
  • Discovered a Personalization Ladder — how increasing degrees of personalization using behavioral segmentation, triggering, and content personalization can impact revenue per message
  • Climbing the ladder requires effort — no match for Leanplum’s superior ease of use

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What makes Leanplum unique, and what we definitely double down on, is the Remote Configuration that allows Tilting Point to iterate on the actual mechanics of the game without having to rebuild the game.

Andre Cohen
Data Scientist at Tilting Point

The Recency & Frequency option from Leanplum has helped us to optimize our targeting. Along with other tweaks, we used it in one of our latest special offers to segment them based on the users’ last purchase. The result was an 84% increase in revenue/day compared to the same offer last year (YoY).

Claudia Garcia
CRM Manager at GameDuell

Leanplum gives us the flexibility to customize in-app message templates and timing, to reach users when they’re most engaged with a look that matches our brand experience.

Alex Tarrand
Head of Live Ops at MobilityWare

Leanplum helps us with behavioral data not only for triggers but for content optimization depending on the users’ behavior.

Kevin Bravo
Co-Founder at 2nd Potion

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