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Use Case Gallery

Get ideas for your next campaign and engage your players
by exploring examples from top mobile games

Daily Treat example

Daily Treat

Offer the player to collect a treat every day and engage for a couple of days in a row. Miss a day and she'll need to restart!

Defeat Offer example

Defeat Offer

Promote a Defeat Bundle to early-stage players when they fail to complete a level.

Error Notifications example

Error Notifications

Improve gaming experience by informing the player when unexpected errors happen.

Flash Offer example

Flash Offer

Offer a hyper-limited time offer full of valuable gifts to drive conversion.

Lapsed Player Gifts example

Lapsed Player Gifts

Allow a lapsed user the ability to get caught up on time away from game.

LiveOps Event example

LiveOps Event

Bring visibility that a limited time event is happening.

Onboarding Series example

Onboarding Series

User onboarding process usually includes highly custom, context-aware flows from displaying EULAs, through feature highlights, to warnings and errors.

Promotion Bundle example

Promotion Bundle

Bring visibility to Promotion Bundle as the best deal in the game.

Re-engagement Notification example

Re-engagement Notification

By sending notifications to users who haven't opened the app for some time, you can keep your app top of mind and increase returning users.

Recognize Achievement example

Recognize Achievement

Congratulate players once they achieve a particular milestone, offering a thank-you gift in return.

Register For Push example

Register For Push

The Push Registration prompt can only be sent to users once. Make sure it is sent at the right time in the onboarding process or app experience.

Shipments example


Bring visibility that shipments have refreshed.

Shortage Offer example

Shortage Offer

Promote a Shortage Bundle when the user’s currency drops below a certain value.

Social Networking example

Social Networking

Promote social networking to drive growth and engagement.

Starter Offer example

Starter Offer

Give a new player an opportunity to collect what drove them to install. Show an offer variant based off of a user attribute.

Streak Reward example

Streak Reward

Reward players after achieving a number of wins in a row to drive engagement.

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