Mobile A/B testing made simple

Leanplum is a platform for optimizing the mission-critical metrics of your mobile app. We make it easy for product managers and marketers to conduct on-the-fly A/B tests and see immediate results with powerful analytics.


Leanplum lets you adjust your game dynamics and review how the changes affect engagement. Try it out!

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2minPLAYTIME{[{ modelledPlaytime() }]}
45%RETENTION{[{ modelledRetention() }]}

Adjust item properties and prices in your ecommerce app, and see how the changes affect your sales and conversion rates.

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$12KREVENUE{[{ modelledPriceRevenue() }]}K

Adjust the position, frequency, and targeting of mobile ads for the best user experience.

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34%ENGAGEMENT{[{ modelledEngagement() }]}

{[{ $parent.modelledPrice() }]}


Comprehensive A/B testing.
Powerful analytics. Seamless collaboration.

Test any aspect of your app without coding. Determine the performance of your tests with our powerful analytics. Work together seamlessly as a team.

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Run A/B tests on iOS, Android, Unity, HTML 5, REST API

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Customers love us

“With Leanplum
we're able to release features to a subset of users and gauge whether or not they affect our retention. That’s a tremendous benefit!” Marvin Paul, Co-Founder
Capigami Case Study
”Working with
Leanplum has been like having our own internal analytics team. We went from no presence to Top 5 free in days, and then saw a 14% increase in revenue.“ Oliver Miao, CEO
Pixelberry Studios
Pixelberry Case Study