One platform. Millions of mobile engagements.

Introducing Lifecycle Engine—mobile messaging campaigns, personalized triggers and A/B testing—all integrated, all interactive, all automated.

Mobile Messages Synchronized

Map and view personalized campaigns from one place. Tailor and track every touchpoint. Send messages based on customer behavior. A/B test and drill down for details, drip by drip. All through the Lifecycle Engine.

Dynamic UI, On The Fly
Mobile A/B Testing

Dynamic UI, On The Fly.

Move beyond messaging and optimize the full customer journey by personalizing in-app content. Use Leanplum’s Visual UI Editor to optimize your app UI in a snap and roll-out changes in real time, with no coding or app store resubmission required.


Mobile A/B Testing.

With Leanplum Mobile A/B Testing and Analytics, relevant insights are automatically surfaced, so that you can make better decisions faster. Look beyond any one conversion metric to see the big picture or drill down into your data using behavioral segmentation.