Cashrewards’ Story

Launched in 2014, Cashrewards has grown to become Australia’s largest owned-and-operated cashback ecosystem. It connects nearly 1M Australian consumers with over 1,500 Merchant Partners through targeted promotions and advertisements. Cashrewards’ Members save more on the brands they love with minimal effort, while its Merchant Partners enjoy the support that Cashrewards provides in relation to customer acquisition, order value size, purchase frequency and customer loyalty. Cashrewards’ Merchant Partners include Adidas,, Apple,, Cellarmasters, Chemist Warehouse, Dan Murphy’s, Dell, eBay, Expedia, Myer, Nike, The Iconic, and Microsoft.




Cashrewards was growing and needed a more sophisticated omni-channel tool to engage and personalize its communication, plus, the company was adding a native mobile app to its channels. There was a lack of analytics and insight into key business metrics including conversions and ROI attribution per channel and campaign.

Prior to using Leanplum, Cashrewards was sending marketing campaigns using several disparate providers. The challenge was coordinating all those channels, where proper segmentation and messaging personalization were not an option and coordinating send times was a manual process.

Cashrewards spent some time reviewing different customer engagement platforms in detail. In the end, it chose Leanplum because of its feature-rich platform that met the company’s requirements in the most cost-effective way. Also, Leanplum had one of the best reputations in the market and came highly recommended by a number of Cashrewards’ biggest retail and channel partners.




Through continuous optimization and testing using the Leanplum platform, Cashrewards has been able to significantly increase its profitable return on marketing. 

Here are just a few of Leanplum’s features that have helped Cashrewards:

  • With the Recency and Frequency feature, Cashrewards can micro-segment and build personalization based on each purchase to target and orchestrate specific campaigns based on each consumer’s behavior
  • With the LinkedData feature, the company is able to pull in dynamic content to personalize each message to each customer
  • Optimal Timing has increased the message open and engagement rates

Cashrewards also pulls in geolocation data to target customers in real-time when they enter a certain shop or restaurant.

Growth in Monthly Transacting Users


Growth in Monthly Transactions




Sample Successful Campaigns

Campaign #1

Target: Last active (open≤30days)
Campaign Name: CR – 20201103 – Cash back boost
Conversion event: Shop_at_merchant 
Conversion rate: 24.2%
Message type: Email

Campaign #2

Target: Push enabled users
Campaign Name: CR – 20200914 – Pre Promo Push
Conversion event: Shop_at_merchant 
Conversion rate: 25.5%
Message type: Push

Campaign #3

Target: ALL Users
Campaign Name: CR – 20200622 – adidas in-store PUSH
Conversion event: Shop_at_merchant 
Conversion rate: 26.6%
Message type: Push