MyPostcard's Story

Founded in Berlin, Germany, in 2014, MyPostcard is a mobile app that allows users to create and send their own images and messages as unique, personalized postcards and greeting cards worldwide. MyPostcard has grown to a team of 30 members, serving more than 1 million users across the globe.

MyPostcard’s rapid growth, combined with their forward-looking vision for constantly improving and optimizing their customer lifetime value strategy, resulted in their first attempt to find a reliable multi-channel marketing partner. “Initially we considered some of the existing mobile marketing solutions — all based on recommendations since we honestly didn’t quite know what to look out for. The solution we chose back then helped us build the first version of the engagement journey we offer today but quickly proved to be missing some of the key functionalities we needed. Setting up, analyzing, and optimizing our CRM framework allowed us to specify the needs and expectations we had for our engagement partner going forward. This way we realized that integrating analytics and A/B testing with the engagement aspect of the platform is a must-have.” — Sebastian Michel, MyPostcard

MyPostcard recognized Leanplum’s leading A/B testing capabilities, and soon after, added Leanplum as a main multi-channel marketing provider to their stack. 

“With Leanplum, we are able to analyze results, act on them immediately, and further personalize our customer journey! That way it’s a lot easier to automate the growth process and keep optimizing. The fact that Leanplum offers an ‘all in one’ solution that fits our needs made the decision really easy.”



Improve Conversions

Maximize User Retention

Understand User Behavior



318% growth in signups

51% increase in customer referrals

16% increase in user value at key checkout points

Using Leanplum’s deeper analytical insights, the MyPostcard team was able to run multiple tests and offer an even more personalized signup experience for their users, achieving a 318% growth in signups for some user groups in just one year. 

Leanplum’s customer engagement tools allowed MyPostcard to also create lifecycle campaigns that boosted customer referrals by 51% across the whole user base. 


Why Leanplum

  • The ‘all in one’ solution for creating a seamless user experience
  • State of the art A/B testing capabilities
  • Exceptional onboarding experience and a trustworthy multi-channel marketing growth partner

Leanplum proved to be a strategic and reliable partner for MyPostcard’s team in their strive for continuous improvement and optimization of already existing multi-channel marketing processes.

“Leanplum offers us a toolkit that allows us to create the exact framework for our customer journeys. It allows us to personalize the experience. All that, plus the A/B testing capabilities and the wide range of analytical tools allow us to build an improved version of what we want our engagement journey to be like. 

Two important and maybe overlooked factors that are worth highlighting are:

  • the ease MyPostcard’s team experienced when initially setting up Leanplum and connecting it to our stack 
  • the tremendous support we are receiving throughout our partnership.”

— Sebastian Michel, MyPostcard

Leanplum’s powerful analytics, A/B testing, personalization, and segmentation capabilities enabled MyPostcard to achieve its engagement and revenue goals while also delivering unified experiences that are timely, tested, and relevant — building customer loyalty that fuels business growth.