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Enable easy access to your data, in and out

Event Management
SDKs & Integrations

Realtime Integrations with the Platforms of Your Choice

Populate our realtime user profiles using our SDKs, the REST API, or built-in integrations. Our SDKs include iOS, Android, Javascript (Web), React Native, Unity, and Unreal Engine. The API can be called directly or via our bi-directional integrations with Segment, mParticle, Amplitude, Mixpanel, etc. 

Data Feed

Stream all your engagement activity data to a cloud storage of your choice. Analyze campaigns & A/B tests using your existing analytics and data science infrastructure. Benefit from our easy-to-read event schema, rich metadata, and multiple supported file formats. 

Data Control

Provide data and engineering teams with the tools they need to govern your data without writing code. Drive engagement based on accurate data. Blacklist deprecated events to reduce clutter, and manage costs with trigger-only events for high-volume triggers (coming soon).

See Leanplum In Action

Get a demo to see how the Leanplum platform can help mitigate churn, grow followers, or revenue. By using your data to understand your user’s needs, you can improve engagement by orchestrating campaigns across one, two, or more channels.

“We know that a 10% improvement in trial or subscriber retention rates can have a larger impact on business than a 10% conversion lift in new user acquisition funnel. Leanplum has helped us identify and finetune parameters around retention to drive results.”

– Giulia Porter, VP of Marketing, Teltech.co

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