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App Conversions

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What are app conversions?

App conversions are in-app events or actions taken by a user. These actions come in the form of in-app purchases, opting in for push notifications, or adding items to a shopping cart.

app conversions

How can marketers increase app conversions?

To increase app conversions, you have to weave in best practices during a user’s first impression of you — during onboarding. Studies have shown that 20 percent of users abandon an app within 20 seconds. But A/B testing can help you understand what encourages more customers to complete onboarding. For example, marketers could test different languages for welcome messages or change the color of call-to-action buttons.

Once a user successfully onboards, marketers should continue the conversion via push notifications. Push notifications are particularly useful for promotions. In fact, our past study revealed that campaigns that sent push notifications drove 9.6x more users to purchase.

The best way to secure push opt-ins? Leanplum’s Push Pre-Permissions. This enables you to suppress the default iOS prompt and instead send an in-app message that explains the value of push at a time when the user is already engaged — like after they’ve discovered a new playlist in a music app or added an item to their wish list in a retail app.

Once a user has opted in to push notifications, it’s time to convince them to purchase! Our data has revealed that Saturdays between 3 and 6pm are more effective for convincing users to purchase. But every user is unique. Set up campaigns that A/B test timing, analyze your data, and roll out the results to all your customers.

Finally, personalization could be the difference between a purchase and an abandoned basket. Start simple and address customers by name, or dive deeper and recommend items based on their preferences, customers who feel valued are more likely to convert. To take this one step further, send messages across channels. For example, personalize both in app messages and email marketing.

Who do app conversions benefit?

App conversions benefit both mobile marketers and customers.

Marketers benefit directly from seeing their efforts turn into revenue. In the words of Invoice2go, “Leanplum empowers us to easily set up messages triggered by individual user behaviors. By analyzing drop off in the funnel, we deliver personalized communication responding to user needs. These campaigns help drive engagement and close the trial-to-subscription gap, thus impacting overall revenue.”

Additionally, customers who receive targeted, personalized push notifications that respond to their individual needs will find value in your app, returning time and time again.

What do app conversions mean for marketers?

A high converting app means higher revenue, better retention, and more positive reviews on the App Store, which in turn leads to more app downloads.

To find out more about helping your users convert, read Leanplum’s guide to app conversions.