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What Is An App Inbox?

An app inbox is a persistent in-app container of notifications. Messages are sent through the app inbox live on a single screen, so users always know where to access the latest content. In essence, an app inbox allows you to send out constant messages to app users as opposed to messages that disappear once interacted with. 

How Do App Inboxes Work?

The app inbox is a standalone channel within your app. The main benefit is users do not have to opt in to receive push notifications to receive these messages. App inboxes may contain marketing messages that encourage users to engage, such as notifications about promotions. These messages will not disappear until the user interacts with them.

App inbox messages appear on a single screen that can be designed to match the native look and feel of your app. All different types of content can be displayed in one single inbox. For example, the same screen may feature messages about clearance sales, product promotions, featured products, or shipment status. These messages are personal to the user and contain the same content as you would expect to see on other app messaging channels. At the same time, these messages are less disruptive than push notifications and therefore don’t require an opt-in.

App inbox messages can be triggered via a mobile marketing platform like Leanplum. Messages can also be sent in a particular order if desired.

What are the advantages of inbox messaging?

For marketers, one of the biggest benefits of inbox app messaging is that it is not permission-based – giving brands the opportunity to reach their entire user base. Additionally, unlike notifications that disappear upon interaction, inbox messages are essentially downloaded to your user’s mobile device through your app’s inbox, meaning these messages will stay in place until their predetermined expiration date. This works well when marketing promotions that are less time-limited, such as coupons or promo codes, and allows users to discover offers right up until they expire. 

For users, the most significant benefit of app inbox for users is that past notifications can be stored and revisited later. So for example, if there was a message in the app inbox informing users of a forthcoming event, they could return to the inbox later on to make a note of the event details. Moreover, if users are alerted to a promotion via a push notification, they may not have time to make the purchase right away. With inbox messaging, however, they can find details of the promotion later on and return to complete the purchase.

What Do App Inboxes Mean For Marketers?

App inboxes are a great way to alert app users of different content, including ongoing events, sales, or special offers. They differ from short-lived push notifications and in-app messages in that users have to actively seek out their app inbox in order to browse content that may have been of interest to them, i.e. a seasonal sale. They are ideal for those who want to push long-lasting content.

App inboxes reach 100 percent of your users every time, so you can guarantee far-reaching, high-quality engagement.

To guarantee maximum engagement through your users’ app inboxes, read Leanplum’s Step by Step Guide to the Perfect Mobile Message.