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What Is Journey Analytics?

Journey analytics is the analysis of an app user’s customer journey.  It enables app owners to engage with these users effectively.

How Does Journey Analytics Work?

Journey analytics works by recording individual user activity to provide marketers with essential information. Using this information, marketers can decide what type of messaging campaigns are most effective for specific audiences. It also helps app teams make a wealth of other decisions, like changes to a campaign as a result of A/B testing.

While the holistic mobile analytics dashboard looks at all aspects of an app’s users (e.g. age, location, gender), journey analytics specifically measure the activity that takes place once an app is downloaded. As such, journey analytics are most important during the second and third phases of the customer lifecycle. Additionally, these analytics are essential for measuring in-app activity during the engagement/retention stage, as well as later on when marketers may need to re-engage inactive users.

Journey analytics can analyze a large selection of variables, including email opens, push notification engagements, app deletion, in-app message opens, and much more. Marketers can then analyze this information to decide what step to take next in the development of their app. This is particularly useful for A/B testing, whereby marketers present users with two different versions of the same content — for example, an in-app notification that’s worded differently for each audience. Marketers can then measure which of these versions receives more engagement and amend their campaigns accordingly. By offering users a better app experience, marketers will see higher conversion and retention rates.

Who Does Journey Analytics Benefit?

Marketers gain a better understanding of their customers, which in turn helps them deliver relevant content to users, ensuring each user makes the most of their new app. Likewise for marketers, a happier group of app users is more likely to convert and ultimately retain the app in the long run. This provides a better lifetime return on investment for each user.

What Does Journey Analytics Mean For Marketers?

Journey analytics is essential for enhancing an app and helping marketers test its user friendliness. By analyzing the steps that users take within an app, marketers can make more informed decisions on elements like design aesthetics, language, and more. Journey analytics also helps marketers determine what form of messaging campaigns are most effective. For example, if users regularly open push notifications rather than emails, marketers can double down on this channel instead of sending an equal number of messages on each channel.

Journey analytics helps marketers retain long-term customers, increasing each person’s lifetime value while meeting specific KPIs.