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What is user flow?

User flow is how a user experiences a mobile app from entry to exit.

What are the most important considerations for user flow?

It is in mobile marketers’ best interests to make each customer experience, e.g., from product searching to conversion, as quick, direct, and rewarding as possible. That means optimizing not just how the app works (App UX) but also taking into consideration the customer lifecycle journey, from onboarding to engagement.


To engage new users, simplify the onboarding process. For example, if you include a questionnaire to reveal personal attributes and preferences, questions should be clear and concise. If there are multiple steps or screens, include a dynamic progress bar. Highlight app benefits to encourage more registrations.


Marketers need to maximize the available app real estate to promote the benefits and value of their product and related offerings, whether it’s listing popular vacation destinations or album tracks. To streamline content and navigation, consider offering a “featured products” section, which can help users explore additional offerings. Marketers should also personalize content with features such as “recommended for you,” which can be automated based on app analytics.


The profile is an ideal spot for marketers to alert users to important app requirements and legal considerations such as Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, as well as to note additional benefits of using the app or service. For example, the Airbnb app profile includes a “Why Host?” section that promotes the value of hosting homes for first-time users. Drop-down menus and in-app messaging can help guide users to the right content.

How can a good user flow improve customer retention?

Customer acquisition is one of the most expensive challenges for mobile marketers, but customer retention is even more difficult. That’s why an app needs a well thought out user flow. Mobile marketers should:

  • Educate users. Send notifications within a few days of download to highlight an app’s features.
  • Automate processes. Trigger important notifications and user tips to fire automatically, based on actions users take in the app.
  • Encourage push notification opt-ins. Leanplum’s Push Pre-Permissions feature helps users understand the value and benefits of push.
  • A/B test variables. Learn what works by testing everything from new features and enhancements to messaging.