App UX

What Is App UX?

App UX, or app user experience, is the sum of interactions and feelings a person experiences while using an app.

How Does App UX Work?

The ultimate aim for all app developers and marketers is to provide users with a pleasant, easy to use, and relevant app UX. This can be achieved through several factors, from app design to notifications. Leanplum’s solution facilitates this process with the app editor feature.

The app ux, or UI Editor, focuses specifically on app design. It allows marketers to change the appearance of static screens without having to re-submit to the App Store. Examples of changeable elements include images, button colors, language, and more.

UI edits are particularly helpful when it comes to A/B testing. Marketers who wish to see how one design performs against another (e.g. changing the color of a call-to-action button) can commence an A/B test and deliver alternative versions of the app to different user groups. Using Leanplum’s integrated analytics dashboard, they can then measure which version (for example, a green button versus a red button) converts better, and then make this change permanent. Leanplum’s UI Editor streamlines this process by negating the need for a re-submission to the App Store.

Marketers should also consider usability, both inside and outside the app. Usability begins from the point of app download: The app should present users with a concise (but engaging) onboarding tutorial to ensure they complete the crucial registration stage.

Meanwhile, outside of the app, marketers must consider their notification strategy. For example, bombarding a user with opt-in requests is likely to discourage further app use. As a whole, push notifications and emails should be sent with a purpose. Marketers can design automated email campaigns that send messages in response to a user’s behavior, rather than blanket emails devoid of context.

App teams can further enhance a good user experience with personalization. As an example, delivering breaking news notifications that feature local news based upon user location would provide a more relevant, engaging experience.

What Does App UX Mean For Marketers?

The best app UX is one which is always changing. A good marketer will understand the need to constantly revise and improve an app’s design and usability to ensure individual customers’ needs are met, and to secure user retention in the long term.

The first step is to provide users with a good app UX, featuring high speed, transparency, and minimalistic design. Once this happens, marketers will benefit from higher conversion rates and better reviews on the App Store. The latter will encourage more app downloads, giving marketers more opportunity to monetize their app and make further improvements. Mobile app retention is fast becoming more valuable to marketers than simple customer acquisition, so marketers should consider UX in every decision they make.