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What Is The App Experience?

The app experience is the sum of interactions and feelings a customer has while using the app.

How Can We Create A Good App Experience?

The app experience sometimes referred to as app UX (user experience), is essential for retaining users. Once customers get past the crucial stage of the app download, a good app experience may encourage them to continue using the app in the future. To create the perfect in-app experience, there are two things developers and marketers need to consider: The user experience (UX) and the user interface (UI).

While the user interface does take into account the general look and feel of the app, it also needs to consider usability. This starts from the point of app download — the app should have an easy-to-use welcome screen that captures the user’s attention. Leanplum’s app engagement grader is a good place to start for evaluating your engagement. For extra points, a quick, concise tutorial will encourage users not to simply discard the app right after their first use.

Once users are familiar with the app, good sign-posting will ensure that they navigate fluidly. In-app notifications that are personalized to the user will also help increase engagement. For example, “incentive” notifications are popular in gaming apps as they alert users to events like advancing a level or unlocking a new item. These messages encourage users to keep playing.

An app inbox is also a great way of creating a pleasant app experience. Rather than overwhelming users with notifications every few minutes, app inboxes store all of their messages in an easy-to-access inbox that users can visit later. For example, a push notification promoting a sale will remain in the app inbox for future reference. The user can refer to it when they have time to make a purchase.

Once the foundations of a well-built app are established, app teams can A/B test new changes. These might include changes in text or color. Once the results are in, the team can proceed with the most engaging version.

Who Does The App Experience Benefit?

The app experience is a good way for marketers to communicate their brand (see Soundcloud’s design for example). More importantly, it is integral for users to make the most of their app. A good app experience will educate users about the benefits of the app. It will also make customers feel valued with personalized notifications, and it will add value to users’ lives depending on the app’s purpose, whether it’s booking flights or killing time with gaming.

What Does The App Experience Mean For Marketers?

With 21 percent of users deleting apps within a day of downloading them, a good app experience is essential for marketers to retain customers after they’re acquired. A good experience also helps encourage positive reviews, which in turn leads others to download the app.