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Push Notification Opt-Ins

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What are push notification opt-ins?

Push notification opt-ins are a timely form of in-app messaging that helps users agree to receive push notifications.

How can mobile marketers encourage users to opt-in?

From the point of app download, every stage in the customer lifecycle is important, but marketers greatly increase their chances of driving conversions and engagement if they can encourage a user to consent to push notifications. One of the most effective ways to do this is leveraging Leanplum’s Push Pre-Permissions feature.

Unfortunately, industry statistics reveal that only 43 percent of users consent to push notifications after downloading an app, leaving a huge gap for marketers who could otherwise be targeting and converting users. Part of the mobile challenge is the default iOS prompt, which asks users right after download if they would like to receive push notifications before they even see the value in relation to the app. At that point, it is too easy for users to simply tap “No.” iOS will not give them this option again.

Push Pre-Permissions, however, target users with more relevant in-app messaging, while they are interacting with the app and, therefore, more likely to be receptive to the value of push. For example, by a travel app might highlight the value of receiving push notifications for the latest airfare promotions. A music app might tout receiving push notifications when a user’s favorite artist releases a new track.

Another plus of Push Pre-Permissions is that users can be reminded at any time to opt-in. This gives them time to get to know the app before granting permission to notifications. Marketers can set up these reminders to be triggered at key moments, for example, when a user completes a milestone within the app. With the opt-in secured, marketers can then craft, personalize, and automate push notifications, sending them at the most appropriate moment, when users are more likely to take any action that leads to mobile conversions.

What are the advantages of encouraging push notification opt-ins?

The benefits of push notifications as part of a wider mobile marketing strategy know no bounds. Push notifications can be used at every point in the customer journey, from onboarding and engagement to reactivation and loyalty.

For example, if a user has downloaded an app but has not completed registration, marketers can send a friendly reminder, incentivizing the action. Later, active users can be alerted to promotions, content updates, new features, and even location-based updates, for example, if a user’s gate for a flight has changed.

Finally, push notifications are great for reminding dormant users why they downloaded the app in the first place.
Combined with other mobile marketing methods, push notifications are essential to for marketers who want to acquire, convert and retain users.