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What Is Personalization?

Personalization is the practice of tailoring your content experience to the wants and needs of each user.

As the world of online marketing becomes more competitive, marketers are faced with new challenges to stay ahead of their competitors. One way to ensure an effective customer retention strategy is to personalize your content. This involves tailoring campaign content to each individual user‰’s needs or preferences to encourage them to convert. Mobile is the most personal medium, so personalization is especially important for mobile marketers.

50 percent of the population reaches for their smartphones as soon as they wake up. Mobile devices are an extension of who we are. This is why mobile personalization is so important for marketers as they need to ensure their messaging content is available to users 24 hours a day, and that it‰’s displayed at a time when users are most likely to convert. Personalization can help target mobile users through push notifications, email, and more.

How Does Personalization Work?

The first step for a successful mobile personalization strategy is to gather relevant data. Leanplum‰’s integrated analytics solution can provide information on each user‰’s age, location, behavior, and preferences. This information is then used to create a customer profile. The customer profile can subsequently power campaign decisions, for example, if a user was browsing flights, a marketer may target them with a personalized email to promote a sale.

Mobile teams can take profiles one step further with user segmentation. This allows marketers to group users by variables such as location, lifecycle (i.e. first time versus regular users), app versions, and more.

Segmentation matters for three reasons: firstly, to onboard new users, sending them targeted introductory messages; secondly, to re-engage ‰dormant‰ users; and finally, to roll out new features, targeting those with older versions of the app. These practices allow marketers to learn more about their customers and target messages specifically to each person‰’s individual needs.

What Does Personalization Mean for Marketers?

Personalization is the difference between a generic abandoned shopping cart email and a targeted subject line, such as, ‰”Susan, don‰’t forget the Apple Watch in your shopping cart. Check out now!‰” By targeting customers based on their preferences, marketers enjoy higher app retention and conversion rates. Moreover, personalization is a great way of re-engaging users who may not have opened an app in a while.

Mobile personalization helps app teams make key decisions. By understanding how users respond to personalized messages, mobile marketers can tweak their campaigns to respond accordingly. With segmentation, marketers can set up A/B testing experiments to optimize campaigns even further.

Leanplum is the only provider that enables holistic segmentation across the entire app user base, resulting in relevant content for users and better customer knowledge for marketers. By capturing essential details such as user events, Leanplum‰’s mobile personalization can help to create powerful, meaningful campaigns.

For more information, check out our handy guide: Personalize or Bust: The Impact on App Engagement.