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What Is a Push Notification Service?

A push notification service is a platform that allows app owners to send push notifications to their app users’ devices. It’s a highly engaging and informative way of connecting with existing app users, and it’s fast becoming a go to strategy for marketers. By exploring the potential of push notifications, brands can connect with their audiences and dramatically improve their chances of converting customers.

How Does a Push Notification Service Work?

Leanplum’s push notification service takes the hard work out of marketing to your app users by providing a holistic platform upon which to configure, schedule and deliver your push notifications. 

The first step is to select your audience. If this is your first time creating a push notification, you may want to send a blanket message to all your users to measure response rates. Using Leanplum’s integrated analytics dashboard, marketers can determine which users respond to which types of content, and create customer segments based upon these particular traits.

Once enough data is acquired, marketers can create user profiles based upon certain characteristics, such as users who convert early in the morning. Marketers can then group these profiles together to create customer segments. Segmentation is not required for automated push notifications, but it helps narrow your audience to provide more relevant content.

For example, imagine creating a push service campaign for a retail app with a batch of user data showing customers making purchases early in the morning. You can automate the campaign to send out messages to just this user segment, setting the send time to early morning. By doing this, marketers benefit from higher conversion rates, while customers enjoy more relevant content.

This same process applies to a variety of scenarios and conditions. However, marketers should take care to consider a few factors when using Leanplum’s push notification service. Always pay attention to the device operating system (e.g. iOS or Android) and audience time zones to ensure that users receive the best user experience.

What Is A Push Notification Service?

A push service is an app designed to send relevant notifications straight to a user’s mobile device. It’s a great option for brands looking to connect with their customers in new ways, and it can be hugely effective when it comes to boosting engagement and piquing customers’ interest at exactly the right moment. 

A push service can be used by a huge range of different brands, from gaming companies and fashion retailers to food and beverage specialists and hospitality businesses. Explore the capabilities of push notification services and find out how your brand could benefit from this highly engaging, automated marketing option. 

How Do I Check Push Notifications?

There are a few different ways in which mobile devices display push notifications to users. Most mobile users will have configured their preferred options, to have their mobile device displaying push notifications in the way that works best for them. 

Typically, push notifications will appear within the notification center. They can also appear on the home screen of a mobile device if a user has allowed this, and in some cases they’ll also pop up on the locked screen so users can see all their notifications at a glance, without even having to unlock their phone. 

Push notifications are usually shown in a banner format, and sometimes they’ll be accompanied by a relevant sound alert. However, the precise ways in which notifications appear are usually decided by the settings the end user has chosen. Brands therefore need to bear in mind the different ways in which push notifications might appear when configuring their push notification campaigns. 

The Benefits Of  Using a Push Notification Service

A push notification service provides a huge range of benefits for brands and customers alike. These notifications can be sent out at any time, so they’re great for brands looking to connect with audiences at the times that they know suit their customers best. They are also highly engaging, especially when they appear at consumers’ preferred times of day. 

A push notification service can be used to display short, snappy copy that piques the interest of a wide range of different customers, and this is enormously valuable to brands in many different sectors. They’re also ideal for brands looking to target existing customers, who tend to be far more likely to convert that brand new prospects. 

What Does a Push Notification Service Mean for Marketers?

A well-thought-out push notification strategy should be an integral part of a brand’s overall mobile app marketing plan, mainly because it will encourage users to continue to engage after downloading the app. 

Studies have shown that only 21 percent of us keep using apps the day after they download them, so it is integral that marketers keep engaging with their customers to see a positive return on investment.

Leanplum’s push notifications service makes customer retention an easily attainable goal. The benefits of push notifications speak volumes as customers are seven times more likely to keep using an app if the app team sends them personalized push notifications.

In today’s increasingly competitive mobile app market, the cost of initial customer acquisition is continually rising. Marketers must focus on lifetime retention of converting customers rather than acquiring new, inactive users. With a push notification service, marketers can achieve this goal.

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