Push Notification Service

What Is a Push Notification Service?

A push notification service is a platform that allows app owners to send push notifications to their app users’ devices.

How Does a Push Notification Service Work?

Leanplum’s push notification service takes the hard work out of marketing to your app users by providing a holistic platform upon which to configure, schedule, and deliver your push notifications. The first step is to select your audience: if this is your first time creating a push notification, you may want to send a blanket message to all your users to measure response rates. Using Leanplum’s integrated analytics dashboard, marketers can determine which users respond to which types of content, and create customer segments based upon these particular traits.

Once enough data is acquired, marketers can create user profiles based upon certain characteristics, such as users who convert early in the morning. Marketers can then group these profiles together to create customer segments. Segmentation is not required for automated push notifications, but it helps narrow your audience to provide more relevant content.

For example, imagine creating a push campaign for a retail app with a batch of user data showing customers making purchases early in the morning. You can automate the campaign to send out messages to just this user segment, setting the send time to early morning. By doing this, marketers benefit from higher conversion rates, while customers enjoy more relevant content.

This same process applies to a variety of scenarios and conditions. However, marketers should take care to consider a few factors when using Leanplum’s push notification service. Always pay attention to the device operating system (e.g. iOS or Android) and audience time zones to ensure that users receive the best user experience.

What Does a Push Notification Service Mean for Marketers?

A well-thought-out push notification strategy is an integral part of the overall mobile app marketing plan, as it encourages users to continue to engage after downloading the app. Studies have shown that only 21 percent of us keep using apps just one day after downloading them, so it is integral that marketers engage their customers to see a positive return on investment.

Leanplum’s push notification service makes customer retention an easily attainable goal. The benefits of push notifications speak volumes as customers are seven times more likely to keep using an app if the app team sends them personalized push notifications.

In today’s increasingly competitive mobile app market, the cost of initial customer acquisition is continually rising. Marketers must focus on lifetime retention of converting customers rather than acquiring new, inactive users. With push notifications, marketers can achieve this goal.

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