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What Is Personalized Messaging?

Personalized messaging delivers a specific, valuable message that is relevant to users. Traditional messaging comes in a “one size fits all” blast and does not take user behavior into consideration. For example, a push notification reminding a user of their flight time and hotel booking would be especially valuable when the user is at the airport, or on the day leading up to the trip.

How Does Personalized Messaging Work?

In the past, marketers would send out blanket notifications to alert users of a particular benefit, like a discount for a particular service or product. In today’s increasingly competitive mobile app market, this is simply not enough: Marketers need to target users based on their individual preferences in order to make them trust the brand and feel valued. Mobile personalization involves tracking key user details and referring to this information to create personalized notifications. Personalization can be based upon anything from user age to location, interests, or in-app behaviors.

Leanplum’s mobile marketing software will take data from thousands of app users and create customer profiles based upon their individual user traits. You can then set up notifications based on this data.

These notifications are designed to encourage users to take action, such as inviting them to purchase or to view a piece of content. For example, a news app might track a user‰s individual content preferences and then send out important updates based on their favorite categories. Alternatively, a travel app used by frequent flyers can alert them to a sale based upon their previous purchases. This is called programmatic delivery, and it is the way forward for marketers who wish to improve their customer retention and conversion rates.

Who Does Personalized Messaging Benefit?

App users will benefit significantly from targeted promotions that suit their personal preferences, which in turn may increase conversion rates for marketers. Similarly, app developers who specialize in the realm of breaking news, music, or travel can alert their customers at the most convenient times, like when an artist releases a new album. This ensures ongoing app engagement from the user.

What Does Personalized Messaging Mean For Marketers?

When it comes to personalization, the statistics speak for themselves. A recent study by Leanplum revealed that personalized push notifications are 800 times more likely to be opened by users than generic notifications. Personalization also provides a better platform for marketers to get to know their customers, taking into account key customer details such as age, location, gender, and purchasing habits. All of this information can be used to make future decisions for the app, as well as to set up mobile marketing automation to streamline the notification process. Better understood customers are happier ones, with higher conversion and app retention rates guaranteed.

To find out more about how personalization will improve your relationship with your app customers, download Leanplum’s Personalize or Bust: The Impact on App Engagement guide.