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What is a push notification?

Essentially a communication channel built into every device, web and mobile push notifications are an invaluable way for brands to instantly connect with customers. 

But what are they exactly? Push notifications are messages that pop up on the screen of users, acting as a direct form of communication. Whether a notification for a new offer or a reminder for a user to take action, these messages can be interacted with in a single click or touch – making them an incredibly effective asset for engagement. 

Ultimately, both web and mobile push notifications are opening up a whole set of possibilities for allowing brands to engage and re-engage with users – which is why it’s so important to maximize their potential.

Why are mobile and web push notifications so important? 

Customers today are constantly bombarded with information from every app or service they access on their devices and it can be challenging trying to cut through the noise. In simple terms, mobile and web push notifications are a direct channel to consumers. Through them, you can easily alert customers to upcoming events and keep them connected with your business at all times, regardless of which device they’re on. 

Well-timed, relevant content is the not-so secret weapon when it comes to engagement. To stand out from the crowd and stay at the top of your customers’ minds, you need to reach them directly with content that grabs their attention. This is where push notifications can be so effective.

The difference between a mobile and a web push notification

Web and mobile app push notifications are the two of the most important ways of gaining the attention of your audience. Both are impactful in their own way, but the main difference between the two lies in where the messages reach users.  

 Web push notifications

Engage users on any device with web push notifications. For a customer to receive a web notification, there is absolutely no installation required; they just have to access your website. Once they have given permission, notifications can then be sent directly to their browser on mobile, laptop or desktop devices – it’s as simple as that. This means your brand doesn’t have to have a mobile app to benefit from real-time, highly-personalized interactions.

Mobile push notifications

Immediately engage with mobile push notifications. These notifications are tied to app access, meaning a user has to have your app downloaded to be able to receive push notifications from you. Users simply need to opt-in to notifications and they’ll be able to receive them. These messages are created to increase engagement and keep your brand at the forefront of your customers’ minds, even when outside of a mobile app session. This all means the messaging has to be timed to perfection and contain exactly what the user needs to hear. 

That’s where we come in.

Enhance the power of your push notifications

Leanplum offers a powerful push notification service to help you to optimize your messaging. From content creation, to message testing, to notification timing, we have the solutions you need to enhance both your mobile app and web push notifications – ensuring you can connect with the right people at the right time. 

What differentiates Leanplum is that it offers push notifications in the context of multi-channel orchestration, so you can combine it with any other channels and achieve better business outcomes.

Personalize every message

Leverage your data to tailor every interaction. Use website and app events, local data and existing product catalogs to craft relevant messages in realtime. From customer demographics  to behaviour, you can segment your user base and draw insights from a wide range of data sets in order to enhance your messaging. 

Whether the data is spread across devices or united on our platform, Leanplum makes it easy to bring everything you need together in one place. Build out, view and manage rich user profiles and boost conversion rates by ensuring you always target your customers with highly relevant content at exactly the right time. 

Easy content creation

With seamless integration with data outside of Leanplum, brands can bring in existing templates and custom themes to create on-brand, impactful content. Utilize an intuitive interface and access data insights to craft push notifications to be sent out exactly when you need them to be. Preview all messages on mobile and in-browser to avoid errors and consistently produce content that increases engagement and boosts conversions. 

Test content

Optimize your content to maximize results. Learn exactly what your customer base wants, tailor your messaging accordingly and drive engagement rates. Whether you are testing personalization levels or message wording, our market-leading A/B testing capabilities can help you fine tune your content and ensure every message resonates with your intended audience.

Time messages perfectly

Timing is everything. Orchestrate highly-effective push notification campaigns by using customer journey data to customize when each message is sent out. With our testing capabilities, you can experiment with timing and find the optimal time to send out your communications.

Your choice of channels

With the ability to orchestrate both mobile and web push notification campaigns, you can ensure your customers are always reached through the right channels. Easily coordinate campaigns, test content and time messages across every device and maximize conversions in the long-term.

Track performance in real-time

Produce measurable results. Access campaign performance in real-time and discover how customers are interacting with your notifications. Metrics are automatically captured, allowing you to see exactly how well messages are performing. Configure custom reports on user activity and conversion rates to make sure you are always reaching your goals.  

“Leanplum gives us the flexibility to customize in-app message templates and timing, to reach users when they’re most engaged with a look that matches our brand experience. Because our promotion matched the look and feel of our native UI, users responded with great engagement, giving us a 5% lift in daily active users and increasing their time spent in app by 30 seconds.”

Alex Tarrand,
Head of Live Ops at Mobilityware

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