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Mobile Analytics

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What Is Mobile Analytics?

Mobile analytics is a tool that captures the details of a user’s experience within a mobile website or app. Analytics platforms collect data on each user’s response to advertising and marketing campaigns, as well as key metrics like events triggered and time spent in-app.

Leanplum’s mobile analytics solution helps marketers in four key areas: understanding the user, measuring the impact of lifecycle campaigns, informing A/B tests, and highlighting significant changes. All of this is available in an easy-to-use dashboard that helps users to focus on optimizing campaigns rather than crunching numbers.

How Does Mobile Analytics Work?

Leanplum’s mobile analytics solution is designed to inspire present-day action rather than focusing on historical performance. As such, the platform offers unlimited storage, free of data point costs. This allows marketers to customize parameters, reports, and metrics, informed by the entirety of their app engagement data.

This flexibility delivers the best of each key area. The mobile analytics dashboard tells marketers who users are and what they’re doing, using demographic and event data. Then, the dashboard will automatically highlight statistically significant changes, drawing attention to the strengths and weaknesses of each marketing campaign. The significant changes feature alerts marketers to any noticeable jumps in key metrics. It converts difficult number crunching into clear, readable data.

Who Can Benefit From Mobile Analytics?

Mobile analytics are integral for both users and marketers. The latter are able to study usage trends and tailor personalized content for their audience, while the former benefit from the relevant content enabled by mobile analytics.

One way for app teams to leverage mobile analytics is to determine the right time to request push notification permissions. With Leanplum’s Push Pre-Permissions feature, it’s possible to suppress the default system prompt, instead asking the user to opt in at a personalized time.

What Does This Mean For Marketers?

Unlike other analytics software, Leanplum’s mobile analytics feature has been designed to inspire actions that increase conversions and engagement. This in-depth data is particularly useful for mobile marketing automation, helping app teams target users when they’re most likely to engage, based upon detailed records of their previous behaviors.

Mobile analytics helps marketers make data-driven decisions, bringing together the insights of messaging campaigns and A/B tests into one simple dashboard. Marketers benefit from a better understanding of their customers, higher retention rates, and increased conversions ‰— all of which come as a result of campaign decisions based on mobile analytics.