For mobile marketers fretting over ROI and KPIs, there is a solution to your struggle. Mobile marketing tools like Leanplum might be overwhelming at first glance, but the upside of working with a professional marketing solution is immense. The best way to measure your success is to use analytics to check the pulse of your mobile marketing campaigns. When analytics are fully integrated into every aspect of your mobile marketing — messaging, A/B testing, and automation — you can measure your ROI with hard numbers.

For a more in-depth explanation of Leanplum’s Analytics platform, check out the video below:

To get you started, here are five data-driven ways you can use analytics to make your mobile marketing more powerful.

Understand Your Users

Two big questions that analytics can answer:

  • Who are your users?
  • What are your users doing in your app?

app analytics

The answers to both these questions can be found on Leanplum’s Analytics dashboard. On the left-hand side, you can check out the Userbase tab to find out demographic information about your users, where they’re geographically located, and even what version of the app they use. Under User Activity, you can track out-of-the-box metrics and custom events. For a more detailed look at your users, specify the time frame and user segment. We never delete your data, so you can analyze information from the time you first started using Leanplum.

Measuring Lifecycle Campaigns

Creating and managing lifecycle campaigns is a great way to automate your mobile marketing efforts and encourage steady user engagement. Analytics can double those efforts by alerting you to your wins and losses — where you did well, and where you could improve the next time.

A good place to start is with enter and exit rates. These metrics keep track of all of the users that have successfully entered your campaign (for example, via an event or message), and then exited it (measured by conversions or goals completed). If your exit rate is low and you’re not happy with your overall conversions, check on your customer touchpoints to see where they drop off.

power your mobile marketing with analytics

If you’re looking at individual messages, pay attention to metrics like sends, opens, and conversions. Similar to enter and exit rates, these numbers let you know how your messages perform. If you have high open rates, but low conversions, that might indicate a strong CTA on your message, but a conversion path that needs simplification.

Optimizing A/B Tests

We’ve covered mobile A/B testing in some detail already, so we won’t go over it in too much detail here.

marketing automation analyticsA/B testing and analytics go hand-in-hand to power a well-optimized app. Analytics are particularly useful for measuring the intended goals from an A/B test. Analyzing your data guarantees that your A/B tests impact your ROI. A/B tests are about trade-offs, so being able to see all your data is one place will help you avoid unforeseen consequences.

Significant Changes

Speaking of data, we can’t say enough about Leanplum’s Significant Changes feature. The purpose of this feature is to demonstrate any metrics that undergo statistically significant changes.

mobile analytics app

You don’t have to wade waist-deep through numbers to discover which metrics your A/B test impacts. We know that can be time-consuming, so our system does the work for you. With Leanplum, you get analytics that highlight the action items you need to take.

Increasing Engagement with Push Notification Opt-Ins

Under the Userbase tab, you can filter your users by “push support” to see the number of users who have opted-in to receive push notifications. In the example below, more users have push disabled than enabled.

power your mobile marketing with analytics

If the majority of your users have push disabled, it may be difficult to have successful push notification campaigns.

That’s why we built Push Pre-Permissions. Pre-Permissions suppresses the default iOS prompt and instead asks users to opt-in at a moment when users are more engaged.. One Leanplum customer who implemented Pre-Permissions increased opt-in rates by 182 percent.

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