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What is a Message Center, Exactly ?

A message center is a separate area of a mobile app, designed specifically for messages. It works just like an inbox, yet messages are much more likely to be read here than they would be if they were sent solely through push notifications. 

By putting a message into a message center, mobile app developers quickly increase the likelihood of users noticing and interacting with the message. This simple move can therefore have a phenomenal effect on the success of a whole range of different mobile app campaigns. 

What Can a Message Center Do?

A message center helps to attract a user’s attention, encouraging them to read messages sent by a brand. It works just like an inbox, so it can be used to send a wide range of different communications, on any topic that may be relevant to the app’s users. 

Messages stay within the message center for a prolonged period of time, so they don’t run the risk of disappearing before a user has noticed them like a push notification can. They’re also more likely to be read as all users will have access to them. Users don’t need to enable the feature as they would with a push notification, which means engagement levels tend to be far higher. 

Why Would an App Need a Message Center?

There are many reasons why an app might need a message center. Primarily, it’s used to boost engagement and keep users interested in the app. While push notifications and in-app messages are temporary, messages sent via a message center can be accessed by users at any time. This makes them far superior in terms of engagement. It can have a great effect on response rates too. 

Research published by Urban Airship found that content sent via message centers generates eight times the typical read rate of push notifications. Message centers shouldn’t be seen as a replacement for push notifications, however. When combined, the two generate the best possible results. The same research revealed that a combination of push notification and message center content resulted in double the read rates. 

Reaching 100% of Customers

By adding a message center to your app, you’ll ensure that your content can reach 100% of your customers. Users no longer have to opt in to push notifications to see the content you’re sending, because it’ll all be right there in the app for them to access at a convenient time. 

Organize Inboxes

A message center allows you to keep content organised, and this too will help to increase read rates and engagement. If content is carefully organised, it becomes easier for users to understand and interact with it. Users will therefore respond by doing exactly that – in far greater numbers than ever before. 


Message centers can be a huge help in onboarding strategies. Messages can be used to talk a user through the onboarding process, and make sure that they’re fully aware of all the features that an app offers. It’s a great way to make the perfect first impression. 

Personalizing Content

A message center is the ideal place to start introducing improvements to your user experience. Send personalized content based on users’ preferences and past behaviour, and show them what your app can do to make their life easier. 

Offers and Promotions

Publicise offers and promotions with the help of a message center. Whether you’re already sending promotional content via push notifications or not, introducing similar content within the message center of your app will quickly ramp up engagement and get more users interested in special offers. 

Interested in finding out more about how to create a message center for your mobile app? Get in touch with a member of our team to learn all you need to know.