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What Are Behavioral Analytics?

User behavior analytics relates to a data-driven approach to tracking, predicting, and leveraging user data within an app.

How Does Behavioral Analytics Work?

Using Leanplum‰’s integrated analytics dashboard, marketers can track users and create customer profiles based on specific groups of behaviors, locations, interests, and much more. These key data fields are essential for targeting, A/B testing, and personalization.

For example, user behavior analytics are an integral part of A/B testing. Marketers who wish to test changes to an app (such as tweaking call-to-action language) must first gain information on their users before they trial the two versions. User behavior analytics gives marketers insight into how user groups are using their app. With this insight, marketers can identify the right variables to test, ultimately producing the most conclusive results. Once marketers have performed an A/B test and produced enough data to identify clear trends, they can finally implement fully optimized app changes.

Mobile teams can also leverage user behavior analytics for messaging analysis. For instance, marketers can study user behavior to ascertain which kind of mobile messaging channel is best for communicating with that segment. These channels include in-app messaging, push notifications, and more. Once marketers have established which marketing methods work best for which audiences, they can then target segments individually to see improved conversion, engagement, and retention rates.

Who Does Behavioral Analytics Benefit?

First and foremost, app users benefit directly from the changes made to an app based upon the findings in Leanplum‰’s user behavior analytics. Marketers can study user responses to various designs and changes within the app, enabling them to make further improvements to optimize the app for future use.

User behavior analytics also gives marketers a far more detailed level of analysis than ever before. In the constantly changing world of content marketing in which clickbait is ubiquitous, studying open rates is no longer enough. Instead, marketers must be able to analyze how users behave when viewing content, which allows them to tailor content in the future.

What Does Behavioral Analytics Mean For Marketers?

Analytics is an integral part of optimizing your mobile app and keeping it in line with your competitors. Marketers must always stay one step ahead in order to remain competitive. User analytics is a great place to start, helping marketers make key decisions on personalization, automation, and user experience. Leanplum‰’s analytics solution is designed to inspire action by analyzing engagement, revenue, and more. This helps marketers look to the future rather than becoming stuck on historical performance.