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What Are App Analytics?

App analytics refers to a body of data which gives marketers information on an individual user‰’s experience with using a mobile app. Analytics is hugely important for marketers on mobile app teams, who will likely want a clearer perspective on the ROI of their campaigns. When a marketer has enough information, they can make informed decisions on campaigns and optimize them for future users. This leads to higher conversion rates and satisfied customers.

How Does App Analytics Work?

Leanplum‰’s mobile analytics solution has been designed to inspire actions in real time, rather than just giving marketers a snapshot of previous activity. With this in mind, there are no limits to the amount of data a marketer can procure ‰— all events and personal user behaviors can be captured, without data point costs.

App analytics give marketers the flexibility to design their own custom parameters, reports, and metrics, which gives insight into KPIs like revenue, customer retention. and engagement. Analytics dashboards also help mobile teams monitor negative metrics like app uninstalls.

An easy-to-use dashboard provides a clear picture of any significant changes that result from a campaign. These dashboards can be tailored to the marketer‰’s personal preferences, helping filter out irrelevant metrics so that goals can be monitored and managed efficiently.

Using real time data, app analytics lets marketers examine individual user profiles and group information at a granular level. This helps app teams see the bigger picture: Which campaigns are working well, and what can be improved? How are campaigns interacting with each other? Marketers can then make decisions based on this data to better engage users.

Who Can Benefit From App Analytics?

Any marketer or developer using Leanplum‰’s mobile app analytics can find a use for its comprehensive data tracking. With automated insights, app analytics take the thinking out of campaigns, providing real time results without wasting hours programming reports.

The benefits of trickle down to app users as well. By analyzing individual user behavior, campaign changes can provide a more user-friendly experience. This might take the form of personalized notifications or more relevant in-app offers. These offers help users achieve what they want more quickly, and they ensure ongoing customer retention.

What Does App Analytics Mean For Marketers?

App analytics drives action. Using clear, specific data that‰’s easy to understand, marketers can make real-time decisions more quickly while passing the benefits onto their customers. For example, it allows marketers to track app uninstalls, which they can then correlate with other campaign data to make improvements later on. This presents mobile teams with a low-risk approach to improving customer retention and overall conversion rates.