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What Are Marketing Automation Platforms?

Marketing automation platforms are software solutions that enable automated marketing processes. Marketing automation helps marketers boost engagement and nurture customer relationships at a scale that would be impossible to maintain with individually crafted content.

When it comes to mobile apps, customer retention is a key consideration. Studies have shown that, after downloading a mobile app, only 21 percent of users actually hold onto the app beyond day one. This figure dwindles even more as time wears on. For this reason, marketers need to leverage technology to stay ahead of competitors and serve customers.

One way to achieve this is through mobile marketing automation. This process involves using specialized automation platforms to gather data from thousands of users, such as individual usage behavior and demographic attributes. Data is then collated into rich user profiles. Based on these profiles, marketers can use Leanplum‰’s mobile marketing automation platform to create targeted messages which are more likely to keep users engaged.

How Do Marketing Automation Platforms Work?

There are many varieties of engagement tools available for marketers to encourage app users to convert. Cross-channel messaging, for example, can improve customer retention by up to 7x. The key is to use customer data to your advantage and ascertain the right timing and right channel for each message in your campaign. For example, Leanplum‰’s marketing automation platform is integrated with a full analytics dashboard, which allows marketers to see how users interact with push notifications, emails, text messages, and more.

Once the marketer has acquired enough data to make a confident decision on which channel is best for which user, they can leverage mobile marketing automation to target these individual users at personalized times. This essentially takes the hard work out of reaching customers ‰— messages are automatically programmed to reach the user when they will be most convenient. Leanplum‰’s Optimal Time feature analyzes when a user is most likely to respond to a message and delivers them accordingly. This can make planning much easier; marketers will no longer have to schedule messages at specific times.

Who Can Benefit From Marketing Automation Platforms?

App developers and marketers will benefit hugely from the time saved by using mobile app engagement tools. By taking the tedium out of guessing user behaviors based on vague data such as time zones, developers can make more informed decisions and change their campaigns or app designs accordingly.

What Do Marketing Automation Platforms Mean For Marketers?

Mobile marketing automation focuses on five key factors: onboarding customers, engaging them, making them convert, rewarding loyalty, and re-activating dormant accounts. Marketers benefit from streamlining these processes using a comprehensive automated solution which takes the guesswork out of campaigns. By targeting individuals at scale, Leanplum‰’s solution helps marketers earn more engagement at every touchpoint in the customer journey, thereby maximizing ROI.

Using real-time data to inspire actions, marketers can create and amend campaigns to guarantee relevant, engaging content that converts and retains customers again and again.

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