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What Is Mobile Marketing Automation?

Mobile marketing automation is the process of performing repetitive marketing tasks at scale by leveraging software. In Leanplum, mobile marketing automation takes the form of a dashboard that marketers use to plan, coordinate, manage, and measure all of their campaigns.

Instead of writing personalized push notifications and in-app messages by hand, marketers leverage automation software to programatically engage the right segment with customized content at the most critical moment.

How Does Mobile Marketing Automation Work?

Ideal for those wishing to target large audiences, mobile marketing automation is powered by specialized software that enables the creation of targeted campaigns that take place across the entire user journey. Automation platforms collect rich data from mobile users to form a customer profile based upon what they like, dislike, and how they behave while using the app.

Using this intelligence, app teams can segment individuals and target these groups based on their own unique needs. This creates a personalized, relevant experience for every app user. Marketers can target segments with mobile messages across channels like push notifications, emails, in-app messages, and App Inbox ‰— all of which encourage your target audience to make key conversions.

These messages can be delivered in various ways to make them more engaging. For example, marketers can create messages that are triggered by in-app events, like falling dormant for several days or completing your first purchase.

Mobile marketing automation allows marketers to engage users at every point in the customer journey.

Who Can Benefit From Mobile Marketing Automation?

Mobile marketing automation is hugely beneficial for both app users and marketers. From the user‰’s perspective, an improved UX will make daily tasks easier, while targeted promotions help shoppers save money. For example, users of a flight app powered by mobile marketing automation will benefit from targeted messages alerting them to the latest sale. Automated messages benefit users of all app genres, from sports fans to online shoppers, restaurant goers, frequent flyers, and more.

Automation is great news for app developers, too. Mobile games company Pixowl, for example, reported a 17 percent increase in revenue dollars after implementing mobile marketing automation.

What Does Mobile Marketing Automation Mean For Mobile Marketers?

Automation helps marketers segment and target their customers based upon personal behaviors on a vast scale. This helps marketers save time and improve app engagement, thereby increasing revenue.

What‰’s more, by learning more about individual consumers, marketers can create a library of rich content to engage users even further.

Automation can also help retain customers. Messages such as email, unlike push notifications, will remain in your users‰’ inboxes and encourage them to re-engage at a later date. This means no deleting apps or forgetting why they were ever downloaded in the first place.

Using real-time data, mobile marketers can A/B test their automated notifications to get the best from their audience. To find out more about mobile marketing automation, read our Six-Minute Guide To Mobile Marketing Automation.