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What Is Mobile Onboarding?

Mobile onboarding is all about making a good first impression. In the case of mobile apps, onboarding relates to the impression a user has when using your mobile app for the first time. The first experience is absolutely essential, not only for the user, but also for the marketer who will benefit from invaluable long-term customer retention. A study by Compuware showed that between 80 and 90 percent of apps downloaded today are eventually deleted after being used only once, so it is crucial to make that first impression straight away.

How Can Mobile Onboarding Be Used Effectively?

There are many tried and true methods to ensure that an app download converts into a lifetime customer. One of the most important methods is mobile personalization. A study by Leanplum showed that personalized notifications improve open rates by up to 800 percent, and it doesn‰’t have to be difficult either. Personalization can be as simple as changing email content from ‰”You have an item left in your cart‰” to ‰”[Name], don‰’t forget the [item] in your cart.‰”

Marketers can take this personalized experience one step further with an effective welcome message. This might take many forms: for example, a welcome email will help establish the relationship with the customer, while a welcome message for first-time users is a great opportunity to present them with an incentive to engage. For example, the Instagram app‰’s welcome message notifies users of how many of their friends are using the app. In doing so, it invites users to ‰join the party,‰ thereby giving them cause to interact.

Another consideration is to ensure your users are not bored by tedious sign-up forms or tutorial steps. These elements are a key part of the onboarding process, so they can‰’t simply be removed. The best way to go about optimizing these flows is to present them within the context of the app‰’s overall mission. For example, the Waze app invites users to fill in their phone number, but it does so by telling them the main benefits, in this case, to create a secure account and connect with other Waze users.

What Does Mobile Onboarding Mean For Marketers?

Mobile onboarding is essential for moving your users past the initial download. You can bolster this process by creating a personalized experience. This involves providing engaging content at every phase in the journey. For example, workflow management app IFTTT gives users templates rather than a blank canvas to inspire people to start using the app right away.

Marketers who take heed of Leanplum‰’s tips for user onboarding will benefit not only from higher customer retention rates, but also from the valuable data that can be gleaned from these users‰’ behaviors. This data will help to inspire future app improvements, helping to achieve greater customer satisfaction and a higher return on investment.