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What is a mobile moment?

Mobile moments — e.g., texting or opening an app and taking an action like placing an item into a store cart — are opportunities for marketers to engage with users and deliver experiences that matter to them.

How can marketers capitalize on these mobile moments?

Today, mobile marketers are faced with a touch challenge: engaging customers, who have many choices at any given moment, with the right message at the right place at the right time. For example, a commuter may be considering booking a cruise and idly perform a mobile search. In those few seconds, a fleeting, transient thought could potentially turn into a profitable conversion for a cruise provider. Therefore, it is up to mobile marketers to ensure not only that they act upon these mobile moments, but that they leverage the related data to predict when they might happen in the future and consequently help them increase conversion rates.

In the United States, there are approximately 30 billion mobile moments per day. Of these moments, approximately 78 percent occur within apps; however, mobile marketers are not capitalizing on these mobile moments as much as they could.

In a survey carried out by Forrester, 57 percent of mobile users said that, when targeted with a message, they opened it and took action within the app. The messages in question were push notifications, which marketers can automate in response to customer behaviors or external influences, for example, changing weather conditions. Again, this is another example of why marketers need to prepare for mobile moments. For example, if a takeout app automates notifications to be sent to users during a storm, messaging might be tailored accordingly, e.g., “Don’t venture out in the snow this evening — order in with us!”

Automation is integral for predicting moments and responding to them, but marketers should also ensure that content is engaging and grabs users’ attention in the moment. Personalization is therefore a key component here, and marketers can provide more relevant, individual content by leveraging customer data. For example, if marketers have intelligence on a customer’s music preferences based upon their behaviors in an app, they can target them with push notifications to let them know when their favorite artist is in town, thereby improving mobile engagement.

How else can marketers predict a forthcoming mobile moment?

Aside from automating responses to external influences such as weather conditions, marketers should also consider A/B testing to make the most of mobile moments. Variables such as messaging, timing, and location can all be set up on the Leanplum platform to test two or more different scenarios, allowing marketers to see which content performs best and subsequently optimize their marketing.

Marketers should note, however, that content needs to be tailored for today’s shorter attention spans, so they should A/B test messaging of varying lengths to learn what resonates best.

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