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Mobile Engagement Platform

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What Is A Mobile Engagement Platform?

A mobile engagement platform is software that enables mobile marketers and app owners to engage with their users in a personalized manner.

How Do Mobile Engagement Platforms Work?

Unlike other mobile marketing tools, Leanplum’s mobile engagement tools provide every aspect of a mobile marketing strategy within one easy platform, rather than having to rely on several third-party tools to acquire information. This means marketers can acquire data quickly and easily, without being slowed down by third parties.

Integrated mobile engagement platforms also ensure that information is more accurate, and they enable cross-channel messaging. For example, push notifications can be integrated with mobile email campaigns, both of which can share data with a mobile analytics dashboard. Integrating data gives marketers the best results.

Marketers who’ve recently launched an app will likely want to create a marketing strategy. The first step is to measure engagement using Leanplum’s integrated analytics tool, e.g. notification responses or email opens. Then, they can use this information to create user profiles, grouping users together into segments. These segments are the basis of personalized notifications — for example, there may be a user group who opens emails early in the morning and another who opens at night.

Once the segments are prepared, marketers can target these groups with messages that are specific to their behavior. Marketers can personalize messages by addressing users by name or alerting users to a piece of information that’s relevant to their location. Personalization is the key to staying ahead in the mobile app market, and it’s a requirement for increased mobile engagement.

Who Do Mobile Engagement Platforms Benefit?

Leanplum’s integrated engagement platform brings together the most effective mobile marketing tools such as in-app messaging, push notifications, and email, and it integrates them with analytics to give marketers the best possible set of data. This is particularly helpful for app users, 21 percent of whom delete an app within a day of downloading it, as it means that notifications can be tailored toward their specific needs. For example, restaurant apps can leverage location services to alert users when there’s a store close by.

What Do Mobile Engagement Platforms Mean For Marketers?

Having a single, integrated mobile engagement platform is instrumental in saving time and setting up effective marketing processes. A singular platform is also an effective foundation for A/B testing, allowing marketers to experiment with what they think will deliver the best overall user experience.

By having an accurate database for every customer and their user behaviors, marketers can make informed decisions about how to enhance the app and improve the overall user experience. This results in more user engagement, higher app retention rates, and better conversion rates.

To learn how to get more from your customers, from acquisition to retention, read Leanplum’s guide to mobile engagement or our broader article on customer engagement platforms.