Rich Push Notifications

What Are Rich Push Notifications?

A rich push notification is a push notification with a rich media attachment. In addition to the couple hundred characters allowed in a push notification, rich push notifications can include images, videos, audio, and interactive elements.

How Do Rich Push Notifications Work?

Since the advent of iOS 10, marketers have become more flexible with their push notifications strategy, allowing them to convey messages with ‰”rich” elements in a fashion similar to social media posts. Just as social media posts can enjoy mass engagement within the confines of character limits, so too can rich push notifications.

The strength of these rich notifications is enhanced by developments in mobile operating systems. In iOS 10, users now have the opportunity to use new features on their lock screen such as ‰”raise to wake‰” and ‰”3D touch.‰” This makes notifications more like an interactive news update, giving users a snippet of the information and leaving them wanting more, thereby increasing engagement.

Setting up a rich push notification could not be easier. Leanplum‰’s rich push notification solution informs marketers of which operating systems will allow their notifications to show. For users with devices that can‰’t display rich push, the message will be conveyed through plain text instead. Marketers simply have to create a new message and select ‰”push notification” before choosing their target audience. Next, the marketer may upload an image (or even an animated gif) to give the notification maximum impact. Finally, marketers are invited to preview the message before pushing send.

What Do Rich Push Notifications Mean For Marketers?

Marketers can leverage the power of rich notifications by incentivizing their users to engage with a snippet of key content. They can then use this channel in conjunction with tried and true marketing techniques to improve conversion rate. For example, studies have shown that personalized push notifications can increase open rates by up to nine times.

Once marketers have collected enough data to create user profiles and segments, they can then automate their personalized notifications to ensure each one is delivered at a time when users are most likely to convert. This experience is all the more enhanced by images and other rich content.

All of these techniques are absolutely crucial for retaining customers. In the increasingly competitive mobile app landscape, it is not enough to simply acquire app users. It is in fact far more costly to acquire new users than to retain existing customers, so marketers should focus on engaging their users to guarantee a worthy ROI. With studies showing just 21 percent of us use an app after one day, it is up to marketers to leverage new operating system developments to ensure their notifications flourish.