Rich push notifications expand your arsenal of meaningful connections with mobile users. Similar to a social media post, push notifications have a specific character limit and pose a challenge to even the most clever mobile marketers. Advanced notifications help to convey meaning with images, further improving your overall engagement strategy.

Show It Better Than You Can Tell It

There’s so much to share since your app is awesome and getting the point across is an absolute must, but then it’s cu… Yes, your push notification gets truncated by the OS standard character limit. Now what do you do? Wordsmithing was likely your original strategy, but with the release of iOS 10, you can deliver more engaging content with rich push notifications.

Rich push notification dinosaur meme

Ok, so we agree that attempting to cram a buffet of meaning into a appetizer-sized push notification is painful. Rich push notifications alleviate some of those frustrations, allowing you to combine visuals and words (not necessarily like the meme above) to make a stronger impact on your users.

Hold Up, What Is a Rich Push Notification?

Essentially, it is a push notification with a rich media attachment. In addition to the couple hundreds of characters allowed in a push notification, you can now include images, videos, audio, and interactive elements.

Rich push notifications

Take a look at your phone, you probably have a rich push notification staring back at you right now. Both Android and iOS support rich push notifications, and both mobile app marketers and users benefit from these embedded images and videos in push notifications.

The functionality doesn’t end there. As a mobile app marketer, you can also add clickable responses that deep link to specific pages. This allows your users to easily complete selected actions and get more value from of your app.

Why Do I Want to Use Rich Push Notifications?

Overall, push notifications keep mobile users connected and informed about everything, from 50 percent off of your favorite shoes, to the latest hit single. Rich push notifications are very similar to the regular push notifications, but they drive significantly more engagement with your users.Rich push notification GIF

Creating a memorable experience for your users goes beyond building a great app. After all, mobile users have phones to be connected to. The added interactivity with rich push notifications helps mobile marketers improve engagement and retention. The enhanced experience makes the interaction more meaningful, driving more conversions and loyalty for your app with the push of a button.

Ah, Push It. Rich Push It Real Good.

Rich push notification - Plum Date

To complement the improved engagement with rich push, Apple made notifications on the lock screen a more prominent experience with the ‘Raise to Wake’ and ‘3D Touch’ features. Notifications are now like a news channel, in which users can interact with the updates. By showing users a preview of relevant content on the lock screen, you simplify their lives by allowing them to take action first and foremost.

Let’s take a sale on strollers, for example. A personalized push notification based on user behavior, say a shopping cart abandonment, will increase open rates 9x. Layering an image onto that personalized push message only enhances the user experience, and brings the baby closer to a ride in the stroller that’s being pushed – immediate improvements to the engagement strategy. Ooo baby baby!

Let’s Get It Started Hah

We’re super excited to help boost your engagement by creating meaningful experiences for your customers. Our kickass automation platform makes it easy to test out advanced notifications. Set your rich push notification campaigns live In just 6 simple steps!

  1. Create a new message and select Push Notification
  2. Choose targets.
  3. Choose an image.
  4. Upload an image.
  5. Preview the push.
  6. Send the message!

Rich Push Demonstration - LeanplumVideos and images (GIFs too!) increase your creative potential, making your campaigns more impactful and infinitely more memorable. So let the creative juices flow and send rich push messages that will resonate with your customers. Follow your intuition, free your inner soul, and break away from tradition.

Rich push notification GIF BEP - Leanplum

We’re here to help you make longer-lasting impressions. Personalizing and enhancing push notifications is certainly an area of our expertise, and we love sharing the knowledge. Don’t die trying to get rich push notifications, contact us to create more engaging experiences for your users.

Check out our article on the best push notification examples if you need more ideas and inspiration.

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