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What Is Email Marketing Automation?

In the context of mobile email, email marketing automation concerns setting up targeted email messages to send to particular groups of users, either at a scheduled time or when triggered by certain behaviors. These emails are designed to encourage engagement and conversions within a mobile app.

How Does Email Marketing Automation Work?

Automated mobile email marketing campaigns can be configured with Leanplum’s Lifecycle Engine. Using information from Leanplum’s integrated analytics dashboard, marketers can synchronize emails with other channels and segment audiences based upon in-app behaviors. This gives the emails a degree of personalization as they are based upon individual user traits.

Marketers can personalize email content with simple parameters like the person’s first name, or something more complex like a previous product the person has browsed. Meanwhile, Leanplum’s Optimal Time algorithm uses machine learning to ascertain when users are most likely to convert. For the best results, app teams can send out emails based upon these behavioral patterns, with Optimal Time automatically determining when to deliver each message. Location should be considered here too: for example, email messages should be in users’ native languages and delivered at an appropriate time for their time zones.

To get the most out of email marketing automation, marketers are advised to A/B test their messaging, whereby two variants of the same content are delivered to different users. It’s possible to A/B test variables like channel or time elapsed after a given event. Once marketers have gathered enough data, they can use the results to improve the app.

Who Does Email Marketing Automation Benefit?

To understand the true benefits of email marketing automation, it’s easiest to talk to the experts. Employees from industry-leading companies such as Buffer and Conductor have noted the multiple advantages of email marketing automation for marketers. For example, audience segmentation can dramatically increase conversion rates.

For users, automated emails based upon personal behaviors can help them get the most out of their app. For example, retail app users who have abandoned their shopping carts and forgotten about their potential purchases can receive a reminder to complete the purchase. This saves them the trouble of going through the shopping process once again.

What Does Email Marketing Automation Mean For Marketers?

Marketers can maximize their opportunities for conversions by using omni-channel marketing methods within their mobile strategy, such as automating push notifications to work in synchronization with email marketing. By automating this process, marketers can save time, target users with more relevant content, and improve customer retention rates. The best mobile marketing strategies garner users’ attention from both inside and outside the app, so marketers are advised to prioritize automated emails in all campaigns.

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