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What Is Mobile Email?

Mobile email is a mobile-centric email system that empowers marketing teams to overcome challenges with traditional desktop-centric email service providers. By avoiding problems like siloed data from multiple vendors, it’s easier for marketers to understand how email impacts downstream behaviors and conversions.

How Does Mobile Email Work?

Leanplum’s mobile email marketing solution is completely mobile-centric. This means any details that mobile users may miss due to desktop-style emails are now the core focus for marketing campaigns.

For example, mobile email marketing is designed to integrate with other features that are unique to mobile users, such as in-app messages and push notifications. This helps to create consistency for the brand and is also far more efficient when it comes to measuring and analyzing ROI. These cross-channel messaging campaigns can maintain the same voice and branding across both email and mobile-only channels like push.

Furthermore, mobile email opens up a whole new world of opportunities when it comes to user intelligence, such as in-app behaviors and real-time locations. It also coordinates with other mobile channels. All of this can be controlled seamlessly from one platform, allowing marketers to measure a number of variables and target users in a way they never had before. For example, messaging app TextNow used mobile email marketing to email all users who had uninstalled the app, inviting them to re-download it. This campaign leveraged both behavioral data and email to engage customers that TextNow would have otherwise lost.

What Does Mobile Email Mean For Marketers?

Mobile email makes email marketing a much easier task for marketers, with a much lower likelihood of error. By coordinating marketing strategies across multiple mediums, marketers can be more consistent with their messaging and monitor the impact more closely. With coordinated campaigns, there’s no risk of sending a push notification alerting users to a 10 percent discount followed by an email with an offer of 15.

This singular platform offers mobile marketers more opportunities to engage with their customers and make email marketing more targeted, relevant, and optimized for conversions. Mobile email users can also use Leanplum’s personalization tool, which allows them to send targeted emails based upon individual user behaviors.

Another benefit of the singular platform is automation, which can help marketers save time and focus on acquiring even more users while their current customers enjoy the benefits of personalized notifications. Mobile automation helps segment users based on individual behaviors, which lets marketers create strategies around each segment. Marketers can leverage these segments when planning campaigns. For example, an onboarding campaign might include a welcome push notification followed by an email a day later. This takes the hard work out of marketing and ensures higher conversion and customer retention rates.

Studies have shown that 21 percent of us delete an app just one day after downloading it. With mobile email, users have more incentive to engage in a fully integrated, personalized platform.