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Mobile Growth

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What Is Mobile Growth?

Mobile growth is essential for mobile app marketers to stay competitive against other mobile apps. It concerns user growth and user retention to secure long-term returns on investment. Marketers generally grow their mobile apps through paid acquisition channels such as advertising.

How Does Mobile Growth Work?

Mobile marketers can experiment with a variety of marketing methods to secure new customers and retain them in the long term. Similar to acquiring new visitors to a website, marketers can utilize methods such as Google AdWords, Twitter, and Facebook to identify new users and encourage them to download their mobile app. Using search ads is one of the most profitable methods of acquiring new users; for example, advertising directly on the iOS App Store and the Google Play store attracts users who are already searching for a particular type of product, so this is likely to have higher acquisition rates thanks to increased relevance.

To truly maximize your mobile app growth strategy, however, it is important to diversify: that is, to use as many methods as possible such as blogs, apps, and other content sources with an ad inventory to sell. Ad networks work by aggregating inventories from content creators and selling them to advertisers. Alternatively, marketers may choose to work with demand-side platforms to target content to relevant users. Other acquisition methods include offering users incentives to install the app with a referral bonus.

Aside from customer acquisition, which is becoming increasingly more competitive, mobile marketers must also consider lifetime retention when planning for mobile growth. Once a user has been acquired, marketers can experiment with different channels to continue engaging their customers, for example, personalized notifications to make users feel more valued. This can be combined with mobile marketing automation, using customer data to create segments and send out messages through different channels based upon different user behaviors.

Who Does Mobile Growth Benefit?

By using techniques such as mobile growth hacking, marketers can employ relatively low-cost customer acquisition methods to ensure higher returns on investment. This is helpful for marketers who want to increase their customer base and build their reputation on the App Store.

However, mobile engagement strategies, while designed to increase lifetime retention, are also helpful for users who will feel more valued when they are targeted with personalized content. This helps them to make the most of their app and save time, for example, responding to an abandoned basket notification rather than going through the purchase process once again.

What Does Mobile Growth Mean For Marketers?

Studies show that just 21 percent of us retain an app after one day, so it is more important than ever to grow the customer base and ensure they convert in the long term. By utilizing mobile growth strategies, marketers can save time and money whilst achieving their own KPI targets.