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What is a mobile marketer?

The mobile marketer is a marketer that utilizes digital marketing techniques to engage with app users. Mobile marketers focus on driving user engagement, increasing loyalty, and delivering the best experience possible for users.

How do mobile marketers target users effectively?

The typical mobile marketer’s role will include harvesting data from app users to find out how an app is used and to make improvements, as well as segmenting customers based on individual preferences. There are a variety of methods to onboard, convert, and retain app users, including push notifications, email marketing, location-based marketing, and much more. The modern-day mobile marketer contributes to an app’s success by keeping ahead of mobile marketing trends. This helps them to focus on mobile app growth, customer acquisition, improving revenue streams, retention, and customer satisfaction.

Today, mobile marketers are becoming increasingly aware of improving the customer experience and offering more fine-tuned marketing. Customer service is now a critical part of the mobile app journey, with developers offering more intuitive ways to deal with customer feedback. Likewise, mobile marketers are now streamlining the mobile messaging experience, moving away from bombarding customers with notifications and emails, and instead approaching them with targeted, relevant messages.

Analytics and user intelligence are also being constantly improved thanks to the vast amount of data now available to marketers today. Mobile marketers can make use of both quantitative and qualitative data to get a better idea of customer behaviors and tailor their campaigns accordingly. Acquisition, meanwhile, continues to be one of the most difficult (and most expensive) missions for mobile marketers, but modern developments in the App Store are helping to facilitate this. New algorithms provide mobile marketers with the tools to target new users via both organic and paid search, and improve retention rates by offering a superior quality experience.

How can mobile marketers ensure the ongoing success of an app?

Mobile marketers need to focus on retention and growth. While the aforementioned methods can help to retain customers, mobile marketers can also grow revenue streams by engaging other channels. Paid advertising is a great place to start. Using channels such as Google AdWords and social media advertising, mobile marketers can reach new audiences to not only acquire and onboard new users but also drive engagement and loyalty. Similarly, a more direct approach involves advertising on app stores themselves, such as Google Play.

Other paid search methods include demand-side platforms and ad networks such as Tapjoy, which allow mobile marketers to advertise apps on content creators’ platforms. These work by aggregating ad inventories and selling them to mobile marketers to produce more relevant ads.

Additionally, organic methods provide an alternative to paid schemes, such as referrals or the above-mentioned channels. App Store Optimization (ASO), similar to search engine optimization, involves optimizing meta content to improve rankings on app stores.

After acquisition comes retention, which is where Leanplum’s Resources can help. Sign up for expert advice on customer lifecycle marketing, alleviating shopping cart abandonment, improving app ratings, and more.