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What Is The Mobile CMS?

Mobile CMS stands for mobile content management system and provides non-developers and engineers with access to the backend of an app, allowing them control over how the app looks and feels, without having to edit code. This is particularly helpful for marketers who may need to make design changes to enhance mobile marketing campaigns.

How Does The Mobile CMS Work?

Using Leanplum’s App UX editor, marketers can make changes to the appearance of any static screen, without having to re-submit their app to the App Store. This helps to save time and to implement changes from A/B testing results much faster, helping to drive conversions. So for example, if a marketer has tested two different colors of the same in-app message, the color that performs better in A/B tests can be applied throughout the app instantly without being slowed down by App Store re-submissions.

Marketers can change the appearance of any visual element within an app, for example image swaps, colors, sizes and placement of buttons, and text. New visual elements cannot be created in the UI Editor, but any existing elements can be changed. The dashboard comprises two main screens: the interface selection and deployment screen, and the interface editing screen. On the former, marketers can select interfaces from a searchable list of all the interfaces that have been previously selected, before launching, pausing, editing, previewing, or A/B testing them. The interface editing screen allows marketers to select and edit visual elements within the interfaces themselves.

Other CMS editing features offered by Leanplum include the Variable Manager feature, which allows marketers to make changes to edits that are bound by in-app code. Marketers can define a variable in code that toggles elements they want to test, for example, app layout. They can then toggle variations within the Variable Manager, without having to give non-coders access to a vulnerable codebase or having to re-submit to the App Store and potentially prevent conversions.

Who Does The Mobile CMS Benefit?

The mobile CMS is highly beneficial for both marketers and app developers, as the developers themselves avoid risky code changes, whilst marketers can have more control over mobile marketing campaigns. This enhanced control gives them the power to test a variety of elements and ultimately improve the app‰’s performance in the long-term, helping to convert and retain customers.

Equally, mobile app users will indirectly benefit from a more user-friendly app that has been A/B tested to suit their individual requirements.

What Does The Mobile CMS Mean For Marketers?

By being able to gather user data and respond to customers’ needs, marketers can remain competitive while increasing retention rates for their user groups. A good mobile app is always changing to keep up with current trends, and those with access to a mobile CMS can guarantee happier customers and higher ROIs. To get an insight into the best tools for editing your mobile app, explore the Leanplum Product Tour.