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What is mobile marketing?

Before we dive into mobile marketing platforms, let’s first begin with a mobile marketing definition.  Mobile marketing is any marketing, advertising activity, or promotion done through mobile platforms.  This can span a range that includes mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, and other handheld devices.

The capabilities and features of mobile marketing allow you to interact with mobile audiences through multichannel marketing platforms and different types of mobile marketing, such as in-app messaging, push notifications, email marketing, and app inboxes.

To learn more about the different features of mobile marketing, mobile marketing examples, and mobile marketing advantages and disadvantages, check out our Mobile Marketing page.

What is a mobile marketing platform?

Mobile marketing platforms are software solutions that automate and optimize mobile marketing campaigns and communications. This way, businesses can target customers 24 hours a day through their devices.

Given the constant access to information and services that mobile platforms provide users, mobile marketing platforms can also generate unique insights into customers’ behavior, whether through websites or apps. 

Mobile marketing software collects data on target audiences and campaign performance to help marketers and developers make informed decisions about their mobile marketing campaigns.

These platforms enable teams to personalize push notifications and target ads to deliver a better customer experience and a more user-friendly alternative to generic ads and message blasts.

For app-based businesses, software like mobile app marketing platforms can even give you insights into users’ behavior within your app.  This way, you can segment campaigns toward audiences based on their in-app history.

How do mobile marketing platforms work?

You can make campaign data work for you by setting up automation through mobile marketing platforms. This way, you can deliver automated mobile messages to target users when they are most likely to engage.

If a customer uses your app to browse flights on a specific route, a mobile app marketing platform can generate an email or push notification to let that customer know when flights on that route go on sale.

Studies show that 21 percent of users delete apps just one day after downloading them. This makes mobile marketing more and more important for customer retention.

As such, any mobile app would benefit from an app marketing platform that offers targeted, real-time, behavior-based emails, push notifications, in-app messages, and other personalized experiences.

What do mobile marketing platforms mean for marketers?

As a mobile engagement platform, Leanplum offers more than just tools for automation, but also includes an integrated analytics solution that aggregates all your user data into one dashboard, saving you time from having to sync data across several different points.

With everything in one spot, the analytics dashboard can give you deeper insight into customer behavior.  This includes detailed engagement data for each message so you can determine which campaign elements to A/B test.  You can then run A/B testing on the different app elements to compare campaign results and formulate an optimal strategy to acquire, convert, and retain users. 

From A/B testing in-app elements to analyzing the results in a customized analytics dashboard, integrated mobile marketing platforms cover every base to help you optimize campaigns and create a better customer experience.