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Top 5 In-App Messages for Mobile Game Monetization

The mobile gaming space is on the rise: Mobile games constitute about 21% of all Android app downloads and 25% of all iOS app downloads Growth will continue to increase – ...
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Leaning into Customer Retention through Behavioral Segmentation

I have the good fortune of working with many of the world’s largest and most successful gaming studios. And in the time since the webinar I did with Jayne Peressini, I have been...
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The Top 3 Examples of Successful Subscription Apps (and Why!)

The Top 3 Examples of Successful Subscription Apps (and Why!) By Jeremi Orlowski, Yodel Mobile   Subscription models are on the rise amongst mobile apps. This reflects a gr...
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A Guide to the Different Types of Mobile Messages

Tools like Leanplum manage your mobile messaging while enabling A/B testing, content optimization, and data analysis. Craft your best mobile message today.
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Live Game Management & Leanplum

A unified approach to defining player segments, enabling in-game offers and messaging For many gaming organizations, LiveOps is the primary source of player monetization. Whethe...