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Mobile Gaming 2021: How to Increase Player Engagement and Revenue

There’s no denying that the mobile gaming market has been booming at an astonishing rate. Not only is there a very low barrier to entry to play mobile games, but the isolation b...
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Introducing Leanplum Partner Academy: The New Certification Program for Solutions Partners

Leanplum is investing in our partners’ success Driven by the drastic acceleration of the digital economy and the trend towards mobile-first experiences, consumer spending on mob...
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What is an SDK?

SDK is an acronym that crops up at many product development meetings, but relatively few of us know what it really means, and why it’s so important for mobile app marketing. Fin...
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Test Group vs Control Group: What is the Difference For Marketers?

Thorough testing and analysis is key to gaining a greater understanding of users’ behavior. It’s this understanding that helps to pave the way for improvements in marketing camp...