Leanplum is investing in our partners’ success

Driven by the drastic acceleration of the digital economy and the trend towards mobile-first experiences, consumer spending on mobile apps reached an all-time high of $111 billion in 2020, and is expected to skyrocket to over $270 billion by 2025*. With the rising importance of and expected growth of mobile apps, you need tools to help solve the business-critical issues companies face when looking to the future. *Source

The Leanplum platform is purpose built to help organizations capitalize on this growing market opportunity through the creation and optimization of great customer experiences. Today, we are rolling out a new training program to equip our partners with the knowledge to best serve their clients.

Our goal is to enable you with the knowledge to help your clients thrive, and we have invested heavily to make sure our customers and partners are able to get the most out of our platform. Our new Certification Program is designed to help partners gain the needed skills to drive innovation, engagement and retention with your (and our!) customers. 

You will learn why Leanplum has become the customer engagement platform of choice for leading growth and development teams, and how Leanplum’s data architecture and campaign management can help companies capitalize on the growth of in-app spending.  You’ll also get hands-on tutorials and guidance on how to operate, and implement, the Leanplum platform for your clients.

As a Leanplum Partner, you get access to a wealth of tools, like co-marketing and curated resources that help your agency grow and become a thought leader in the dynamic mobile marketing space. 

We team with our solution partners across some of our most strategic & innovative accounts, including:


“Leanplum’s powerful blend of engagement and analytics capabilities provides us with agility to create comprehensive strategies that drive higher engagement and better insights for our clients.”

Jeff Zaretsky, EVP Growth, FIVE Agency

“Leanplum is a great platform and a natural partnership for Phiture. The combination of Leanplum’s analytics, A/B testing and multi-channel engagement capabilities with Phiture’s deep knowledge of strategy and data-driven marketing is a killer proposition. The Leanplum team are extremely supportive and work closely with us to ensure our mutual clients receive the best possible service and drive maximum impact.”

Andy Carvell, Partner at Phiture, Mobile Growth Consultancy

Why Partner with Leanplum?


Level-up with training and enablement
Get certified through Leanplum Partner Academy and become an expert

Work with the best-in-class customer engagement platform
Stay ahead of the curve and bring additional value to clients

Expand your service offering
Bring in new customers and open additional growth channels for existing customers

Become a thought leader
Exposure for your agency through case
studies, webinars and other marketing opportunities

Click here or go to www.leanplum.com/partners to learn more about our partner program and how to amplify the power of both offerings to customers.