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Leanplum is the One-Stop-Shop for Mobile apps focused on Multi-Channel and In-App Engagement. 

Enabling leading eCommerce apps around the world

From Batch & Blast to Personalization at Scale-Accelerating Mobile Revenue with Popsa

Watch our on-demand session from App Promotion Summit London (WFH) where Popsa and Leanplum discussed the key levers of personalization, and the impact each could make on your app monetization strategy.

Leverage user behavior and personalization in targeting the optimal moments to drive engagement and conversion both in and out of your app.

Generate Purchases

  • Optimize pricing and promotions
  • Deliver more relevant, more engaging, and better-performing campaigns
  • Drive growth in your App by unblocking UI personalization in your campaigns
  • A/B Test complex and coordinated campaigns across In App experiences, Push, Inbox, email, and variables so you know what really works
  • Run multi-step In-App onboarding and conversion funnel campaigns
  • Gain confidence and control over campaigns, and associated audience segments
  • Leverage Recency and Frequency behavior to drive results
  • Orchestrate cross channel and in-app experiences to engage in the moments that matter without overwhelming your audience
  • Gain efficiency by automating recurring multi-step campaigns

Drive Loyalty

  • Increase awareness of loyalty programs and campaigns
  • Trigger loyalty behavior with Users
  • Differentiate from your competitors and give users a reason to choose you
  • Orchestrate multi-channel, eloquently coordinated, loyalty campaigns

Reactivate Users during periods of inactivity

  • Leverage recency and frequency with user behaviors to trigger engagement
  • A/B test different channels, content and delivery timing to maximize results for a selected audience
  • Orchestrate multi-channel and in-app eloquently coordinated campaigns
  • Agility to pivot when necessary

Personalize at scale

  • Adopt user behavioral attributes to drive personalization
  • Drive up to 3X more revenue by learning more about your users and personalizing at scale
  • Efficiently test different strategies in your app

Leanplum + You

Leanplum offers an array of powerful tools to support subscription and e-commerce app-first
businesses. Benefit from Leanplum’s powerful testing capabilities, including A/B test in-app and UI/UX, message content delivery time, and channel preference. Easily configure Campaign- and Universal-level Holdbacks to test the effectiveness of your campaigns.

The Leanplum Difference

  • Flexible data import and export options
  • Powerful Recency & Frequency segmentation
  • Fully integrated analytics & A/B testing
  • Top-rated usability

TED increases open rates by 72% with Leanplum

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Using Leanplum, IMVU sees 157% increase in retention, 200% increase in ARPU

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Leanplum helps textnow onboard 79% of dormant users

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Almost straight away using Leanplum’s holdout group functionality, we were able to (for the first time) understand the impact of our direct marketing campaigns on incremental sales. Through continuous optimization and testing, this feature has contributed to our 60% YOY growth in Monthly Transacting Users (MTUs).

Charlie Short,
Head of Marketing at Cashrewards

Leanplum enables us to offer a truly personalized user experience in our apps. Using the wide array of tools provided, we are able to continuously analyze and optimize our results for sustainable growth along the way, resulting in higher onboarding levels and substantially increased retention rates.

Sebastian Michel,
Head of Growth at MyPostcard

We know that a 10% improvement in trial or subscriber retention rates can have a larger impact on business than a 10% conversion lift in new user acquisition funnel. Leanplum has helped us identify and finetune parameters around retention to drive results.

Giuila Porter,
VP of Marketing, Teltech.co

Leanplum’s out-of-the-box, mobile-first solution enables us to understand our customers’ needs better, communicate with them on a more personal level, and drive engagement with the merchants in our digital ecosystem.

Frazer Adnam,
CRM Marketing Director at Afterpay

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