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Just Eat Takeaway.com

“Leanplum helps drive orchestration and coordination across email, push notifications, in app messaging and app in box in a holistic way that delights customers and drives loyalty results.”

Anuvind Kanwal ,
Global Senior CRM Manager

Just Eat Takeaway.com's Story

What’s Next

Just Eat Takeaway.com and Leanplum are working together to continue to delight customers and drive business value together. There continue to be many opportunities to increase personalization, engagement, and loyalty and the StampCard program has proven that creative approaches, smart communications and the right technology makes a difference.

Testing different ways to nudge the user to discover their options at the right times that drive delight will be an ongoing theme to the next set of engagement experiments, and Just Eat Takeaway.com’s appetite for innovation will doubtlessly reveal many wins that can be made on that front as they roll these programs out globally.

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