The mobile gaming space is on the rise:

As more people play mobile games and new mobile games enter the space, how do you capitalize on this growth and increase revenue from your players? Here at Leanplum we work with some of the top 10 gaming studios in the world, helping their lifecycle marketing and live ops teams develop and execute strategies to increase in-app revenue.

One of the highest revenue generating channels for our gaming clients is in-app messages. This type of message allows for timely, targeted, and relevant content to be delivered to your players. In-app messages typically provide some type of consumable offer – in-game currency, lives, coins, boosts, etc. (anything that will help the player advance in the game) – which can be purchased directly from the in-app message or from the game’s store. Today we’ll discuss 5 creative in-app messages to help boost in-app revenue:

1. Starter offer: Give a new player an opportunity to collect what drove them to install. Show a special offer as part of your welcome series to help the player progress through the game.

2. Spend Inactivity Offer: Present a weekly offer to users who haven’t spent in X days. This can be set up just for mid- or late-stage player to prevent spender churn.

3. Defeat Offers: Promote a defeat bundle to early-stage players when they fail to complete a level. Essentially you are offering a paid solution for new players so they can progress through the game quicker.

4. Shortage offer: Promote a shortage bundle when a player’s currency drops below X value. Similarly to the defeat offer, you are providing a paid solution for a player to continue progressing through the game.

Screenshot of the Merge Mayor shortage offer. You can purchase 100 energy through the in-game currency, or get 25 by watching an ad.

5. Thank you offer: Reward players for spending on the game by unlocking a better follow-up offer. This is a type of cross-sell, exclusive to players who already spend in your game.

With each of these in-app messages you’ll want to be thoughtful of who you target (using Leanplum’s audience feature), when you display the messages, how often you display the message and personalizing the content (using Leanplum’s jinja feature) to maximize engagement and revenue.

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