Proven Ways to Simplify and Scale LiveOps Events

There’s no doubt that competition in the mobile gaming space is fierce. With the plethora of options available to users, the importance of finding new ways to keep users engaged can’t be overstated. But the challenge remains in how to do that, continually pushing the envelope and creating engaging experiences for players even if you don’t have the budget, time, or development resources to build and push constant game updates.

LiveOps events can significantly impact revenue and engagement, reviving and changing how games work by mixing various objectives with the game’s core loop. However, teams can lack the tools or have tools that are too cumbersome to set up and re-run live events consistently.

This was one of the topics at hand in our recent webinar, LiveOps on a Shoestring Budget, with Larry Hsieh from MobilityWare. Your teams can leverage Leanplum’s platform to manage, automate, and scale live events with in-app messages, push notifications, and remote configuration. Using in-app messages for your game components, combined with incentives and personalization, players can go on a customized journey — one that can lead to double-digit increases in revenue and engagement.

Let’s take a look at some ways to build upon in-app messages to set up your live event in new and creative ways.

Event announcements
Let players know about your live events through push notifications and in-app messages. Using Leanplum features that give you the power to deliver multiple in-app messages to audiences, you can set up and duplicate in-app messages to create variants with different holdbacks, prize amounts, and in-app messages to display.

Leanplum variables also let you control gameplay with triggers and add a custom ID to help with tracking and reporting, so you can quickly identify which variations performed the best.

Through A/B testing, you can gather data to see which messages return the best player engagement to iterate and make adjustments.

Once inside the event, your team can leverage Leanplum’s Jinja templating language to develop mini-games within your in-app messages. With Jinja, you can randomize the rewards given out, such as a certain number of coins, or present awards in other formats, like a spinner.


Creating these elements without code lets your team prototype, roll out, and test to see how well it performs with players. Changes and improvements are easy to implement as needed.

Rewards and tracking progress
Getting prizes is satisfying, but the experience is even better when players can see how far they’ve come and how far they are from the goal. That feedback helps players stay engaged throughout the game.


Leanplum features can work together to help you set up a dynamic meter without native code.

Jinja is another helpful tool here, creating randomization to keep the game fresh for players. You can write a script to select prizes at random from a given set and even assign specific probabilities for each reward.

Add customization with a variety of background images based on behavioral segmentation (such as how many times a player has seen an image) or set the mood for a holiday event and theme.

A/B testing at this point can also be valuable in optimizing engagement throughout the event.

Live events that keep players coming back
Give your audience a dynamic and personalized experience with Leanplum. Building in-app message templates that you can clone and customize allows you to create a unique experience every time. This way, you can scale and consistently hold live events that resonate and connect with your players.

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