Here’s a Guaranteed Way to Boost Push Notifications Opens

At Leanplum, we understand push notifications. We work with top brands to automate multiple aspects of their mobile app marketing, from messaging to the in-app experience. For years, brands have been slow to implement push notifications. They’re cautious of sending too often and annoying those who ultimately opt-out, or unsure of how to send messages that encourage re-engagement. So our data science team analyzed where mobile apps go right with mobile messaging — and wrong — with our latest report, Breaking Barriers to Push Notification Engagement. DL now Inside the report, we scour every push notification data point we can imagine. In the end, we had one key finding: 63 percent of mobile marketers send push notifications at the wrong time. mobile push notification Across the world, apps were sending push notifications at certain times but users were actually opening them during others. But first: how we got those numbers.

The Root of Our Data

We analyzed 671,587,169 push notifications from users around the world. Of the users:

  • 44 percent lived in North America
  • 25 percent from Europe, the Middle East, and Africa
  • 23 percent from Asia Pacific
  • And 7 percent from Latin America

Where users around the world open push notifications Smartphone owners in different regions have a diverse set of interests. They’re more likely to engage with certain verticals, depending on where they reside. This is how media, retail, and travel apps fared in terms of engagement with this audience. App verticals where users engage with push notifications Of those app verticals, this is how users on various platforms interacted with the app. iOS users prefer to engage with travel apps, while Android users show more interest in retail and media. “Other” refers to mostly Windows users, who also show higher engagement with travel apps. How users engage with push notifications on different mobile platforms

Sends vs. Opens: The Results

Want to see when users engage with push notifications around the world? Download our report, Breaking Barriers to Push Notification Engagement, to see the exclusive data. Inside, we leak the hard stats about when apps send versus when users open, must-read best practices, and a toolkit to optimize your delivery times. Until then, check out this infographic, which gives a high-level overview of push engagement worldwide. Breaking Barriers to Push Notification Engagement Don’t miss out. Download our report, Breaking Barriers to Push Notification Engagement here. DL now

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