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How to Acquire & Retain Customers

Mobile App Engagement Index
User acquisition is incredibly expensive! Convincing those users to stick around isn’t guaranteed or easy. That's why Liftoff and Leanplum created the Mobile App Engagement Index report. It reveals current acquisition and retention trends to help app marketers turn every session into an engagement, loyalty boosting, or revenue growth opportunity.

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Stop Paying for Churn

Powered by billions of smartphones and millions of apps the app economy is growing at an unprecedented rate. But big growth comes with big challenges like acquiring and retaining users in a competitive marketplace. App marketers must double-down on engagement and inspiring frequent app usage. In this report, you’ll learn why:

– The average cost per install is $2.89, $40.41 for a purchase, and $86.99 for a subscription
– Only 15.5% of Android users and 18.1% of iOS users have been active in the last 30 days
– You can increase retention by 62% just by sending push notifications


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